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3 Windows 10 Features That Make it Better Than OSX



It hasn’t been very long since Windows 10 hit the market and it’s already been upgraded in half a million computers and laptops worldwide. The impact of any new Windows operating system is very big and that’s very usual. However, when people start leaving another OS platform to get to this one, it has to have some really cool features and some of those features need to be better than OSX. Let’s take a look on a few Windows 10 features that make it better than OSX.

Cleaner Interface

Windows 10 wins on the interface battle against OSX or any other operating system in the market for that matter.


Windows 10 features a clean and minimal taskbar with a start button that displays all your apps, most visited folders and even your system settings. To top it off it even has a small circles icon of you giving it an amazing look.

Better Multitasking

With so much on our minds and a busy schedule every day, multitasking is something that needs to be any operating system’s top priority.


Windows 10 and OSX both feature an amazing multitasking experience however when competing side by side Windows 10 has the upper hand. Of course with a cleaner interface, better multitasking options are a win-win for Windows 10 over OSX.


Excellent Voice Assistant

Just like Google Now and SIRI, Microsoft too came up with an excellent voice assistant named Cortana and she isn’t just featured on the phones she’s on Windows 10 as well.


Cortana acts like your very own computerized secretary. It understands your search patterns and provides you with better cards that provide you the information that you need.

Hence, Windows 10 is the coolest new OS on the block and everyone is eager to have it on their systems especially after these features are on board which make it better than OSX or any other previous operating system. Get it today and don’t miss out on any important features.