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GetResponse vs Landingi – Which One Offers Better Landing Pages?



getresponse vs landingi

Landing page builders have become very popular in the past couple of years. Gone are the days when people used to hire coders to create them landing pages. It’s now easy with drag and drop tools that even a noob can create attractive looking landing pages. Thanks to the advanced landing page building tools that made it possible. Now you don’t need to hire a coder, just buy a landing page builder and start building.

These landing page builders have many other features like they let you to host your landing pages on their server, give you the ability to track how your landing pages are performing and many other features.


Today we are going to discuss two of those landing page builders. This first one is GetResponse and the second one is Landingi. They both are renowned company. Both having great features but obviously one of them is better and we are going to find which one that is.


getresponse logo

GetResponse has the widest range of subscribers in the world, mostly because it provides the simplest steps and procedures that are needed to be followed by businesses, may they be big or small, established or emerging, in order to reach to their clients on a regular basis, and as a result, create customer relationships. It is the most reliable tool for email marketing, and lets users send appealing newsletters to a specific list of potential customer. Knowing the rapidly growing trend of email marketing and landing pages, this marketing tool has offered innumerable features to their clients besides sending mails on updates about their products or services.



Email Design Templates – GetResponse provides the options of choosing your own layout and has more than 500 different templates to customize your newsletter or business email. It is easy to use, and there is no complexity of putting down html codes.

getresponse designs

Autoresponders – This is the principle key of GetResponse which helps you in sending emails automatically whenever you have no time to send your unlimited newsletters and messages to clients manually. It action based as well as time based. It provides assistance with an option of flexible scheduling, and also gives a choice to the users whether they want their mails to be sent immediately or on a delayed time.

getresponse autoresponder

Webinars – Companies can schedule their webinars with this feature. It also provides a flexible schedule option. You can just register and type in how long your webinar will take place. You can also interact with your attendees through given chat polls, screen sharing, white boards, etc.

getresponse webinar

There are many other features of GetResponse but we are not going to discuss each of them.


Landigi homepage

Landingi is a landing page creator that lets you build landing pages without having to worry about codes. About 1700 companies have been subscribed to acquire its assistance for designing landing pages. Like all other various marketing tools, it also holds the similar purpose of helping business to establish a profitable customer base with the help of several features and pricing offers.



Templates –  It holds more than 100 different readymade design templates that lets the user make creative mails and catalogues for the clients to read.

Below are some examples of their premade templates:

Landigi design templates

A/B testing – It lets the users compare their originally designed landing page with other variables. They have a first preview of what their newsletter would look like when the potential receivers of that mail would click it open for the first time. If the user is not satisfied by the appearance, he can choose different variables to further match the design in a way he wants it to look like.

Landigi dashboard

Forms – Users can create forms for letting the clients subscribe to their landing page or sign up in order to make an account for further exclusive offers. The benefits of creating forms is that companies can extract as much information out of their customers as they can and use the data to identify their needs and send them mails about services they are interested in.

Getresponse Vs Landingi – A Comparison Of Their Landing Pages

GetResponse showcases the application of easy to make landing pages. The users are given 100 choices for their landing page templates, making it easier for companies to have distinctions in their landing pages. Furthermore, companies can also customize their landing page by the drag’n’drop WYSIWYG editor which allows them to apply unique components on their site. The third and last step is to publish it. For publishing the site, you are given the chance to widen your audience through facebook integrations.


Although the landing page by Landingi does not let you track down your performance like GetResponse does, it provides the same options of quick implementations, easy editors and mobile friendly solutions. However, unlike GetResponse the Landingi tool can also create a professional landing page for the companies for $299.


Getresponse consists of 4 subscription packages:

  • Email (for $25 per month)
  • Pro (for $49 per month)
  • Max (for $165 per month)
  • Enterprise (for $799 per month)

getresponse pricing

The above packages offer email tool and Landing page creator combined.

The basic landing page of GetResponse comes with its 30-Day free trial and the GetResponse email tool. This lets you publish one landing page with up to 1000 visitors per month. For getting the feature of unlimited landing pages with unlimited traffic and bandwidth, you will have to buy their Pro Plan.


Landingi consists of 3 subscription packages:

  • Free: Users can register for free and are offered 1 active landing page and 100 unique visitors.
  • Lite: For $19 users are given 5 active land pages and 2 login accounts.
  • Standard 5000: For $29, users are provided unlimited landing pages and the choice of publishing their landing pages on Facebook.

Landigi pricing

Make the decision that suits YOU!

While comparing GetResponse vs Landingi, both the tools distinguish themselves by providing diverse features. However, GetResponse takes the lead because it provides both things – Email marketing + Landing Pages and that also with a reasonable pricing structure.