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Top 5 eBook Stores to Access Free Kindle Books



With Amazon Kindle, now it’s time to keep the old and bulky paper books back in the library and get started using the e-ink concept device which has completely redefined the traditional ways of reading. Amazon Kindle, combines three things together; a software (Kindle), a hardware and a wireless network connectivity which enables the users to access thousands of e-books via Amazon. With this amazing device you can also browse and read blogs, magazines and much more online stuff from the digital media. In short, it’s just one single thing, and you are all sorted while moving somewhere.

So are you looking for some online resources to get free kindle books? Than this post will show you exactly how to download free books for your kindle device. Here are some of the best online resources which will help you find free books for your new Kindle (you can also use them on your iPhone, Android or on your PC). Once you download them on your pc, than simply connect your device using a USB cable and transfer the e-books on your device.

1. Project Gutenberg

Internet’s biggest online e-book resource where you can download and access a collection of over 33,000 free and high quality e-books. You can easily download books and read them on your Kindle, Smartphones, iPad or your PC.

2. Google E-Bookstore

Let’s you store all your ebooks and personal library in the form of digital cloud, and let’s you access your desired book almost everywhere with an internet enabled device. The best part is; you can start reading your book from the exact point where you left off the last time.


Let’s you access and download free e-books for your Kindle, iPhone, Android or your iPad.


4. Open Library

A place where you can access over a million free e-books, a community where more than 20 million items have been contributed by the users (like Wikipedia) in different formats which also includes the kindle and smartphones.


At you will be able to access more than 29,000 e-books without paying a single dollar. You can search books by Authors, title, Genr and on different languages.