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Nowadays everybody is very fast and everybody tries to learn new information quickly without spending much time and money. As said time is money so to save time you use acronyms and slangs. But if you are not using these things then maybe your friends are using. Here I am trying to say that you need to use Acronyms and slang so that you can interact between your friends in short word and make things easier.

Find the meaning of Acronyms Slang Abbreviations online

I am sharing a very useful and time saving site which will help you to learn these things easily. As you know the internet is the vast source of information then you can learn new things. Well when you want to learn a new language then you use the internet. When you want to get the meaning or definition of a word then you use the internet.

So now if you want to learn about slangs and acronyms then you can just visit

All About

As the name says this is the website which will give you a detailed information about all types of slangs and acronyms. According to the stats about this website they have over 3.5 million descriptions of different types of Acronyms, Slang and abbreviations which are sorted according to their different categories.

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This website is the largest one and very easy to use as they have successfully made the most complete database of Acronyms, abbreviations and abbreviations. The website is updated on a daily basis. On the homepage you can access Trending Terms, Last Added and Submit new Slangs. The good thing is, you as the visitor, has the option to add anything you don’t find on the site. You can add new acronyms or slangs without signing up for an account.


Using this website you can search for specific Slangs, Sort these using the initial word, Access the most popular Terms and yes you can even check these slangs and acronyms according to their respective categories. This way you don’t need to worry about anything because. Whenever you need to find the meaning of new slang, acronyms or initialisms then just check the category.

With these awesome and useful features you can also share these slangs on social sites with your friends so that you can tell them and inspire them to use those which is very useful.