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Why Cloud Storage is Safe – 3 Best FREE Cloud Storage Services




With the passage of time, the size of digital data is increasing at a fast pace.  The need of of bigger storage has been increasing, thus creating the demand of bigger, better and more secure forms of data storage. Taking data backups on DVD’s, flash drives or portable hard drives is considered to be very convenient and quick but this method is not always secure as you are also responsible for the protection of the device itself in which data is backed up.

This is reason the concept of cloud storage was introduced.  With a Cloud storage service, you just have to signup for an account (which is usually free for a specific limited space), configure few options of which files/folders to backup and rest everything is taken care by the storage services provider. No worries about the hardware protection, physical damage to data, virus attacks or hacking attempts. It’s secure because of the use of  data encryption — every time you upload files to your cloud storage, it’s saved in an encrypted format, unreachable to hackers and understandable only by the specific tool provided by the service you use.

Cloud storage is gaining huge popularity with the time and it’s now been considered as one of the most reliable, secure and easily accessible method to backup or restore data in a matter of few clicks from any form of device, hardware or software platform.

There are already hundreds of such cloud storage services these days, but we reviewed few of them below, which are providing the best services, in terms of storage, reliability and accessibility. And all of them offer free, full-featured account with a limited space.

1. Dropbox


On of the most popular, widely used and the most liked cloud storage service of all. So popular, that you’ll find the “Backup to Dropbox” feature in almost all of the smartphones you buy today. You get a free account of 2GB which you can increase if you refer your friends to signup. If you refer Dropbox to your friend or family member then you get the chance to store data up to 16GB.


2. JustCloud


JustCloud is well-known cloud storage service – easily accessible with very flexible paid plans. You are offered desktop and mobile app through which you can upload or download data in few clicks. You can create folders and subfolder just like you create in your personal computer. This service also provides a facility of automatic backup of various kinds of files. With free account you get a 2GB storage which you can increase by referral signups or simply upgrading to any paid plan.

3. SugarSync


SugarSync is considered to be a safe as well as secured and easy way of storing and backing up the data. Rated #1 cloud storage service by many reviewers online. Their mobile apps are the smoothest of all services. With blazing fast servers, you don’t have to wait for too long for data upload and/or download. With so much popularity they stopped their free-for-life account package and convert that to 2GB, 30-day free trial account. After the trial period you have to choose any of the paid plans.