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Top 3 Sites To Download Free LEGAL Music Online



top sites to download free legal music

Just a few days back I read somewhere that a few people were arrested for having illegal music with them (music downloaded from illegal music downloads site). That moment I decided to look out for a few legal music downloads site and I found about 5-6. Here are the top 3 ones according to me. These sites offer good music for one price – FREE!

1. Elbows

This is basically a music blog aggregator. It doesn’t host downloads, but instead provides links to hundreds of music blogs out there who either promote legal music or share ways to get legal music for free. I tried this site and believe me, I was shocked with the results. I never though legal music was available for free!

2. Jamendo

Don’t ask me the meaning of this word, but if I was to describe this site in 3 words I would say – I Love Jamendo. It has over 3,00,000 legal music files for download with about 50,000 albums! This is a big achievement as the music they offer are 100% legal. This site offers royalty free music downloads. It even hosts contributions from many new artists which are no doubt awesome!

3. Hypem

Now this is another site like Elbows. It helps you discover new and popular music blogs real time. You can see music and songs raining at Hypem each moment. I was at their site for lets say 10 minutes and I saw at least 6 songs come up. This is awesomely fast! Every 2-3 minutes there is a new song out for downloads or free listening. I personally suggest Hypem to anyone who hates piracy and believes in download legal music.

So guys did this post interest you? Were you able to find your favorite track? Please do let us know your views on this post!