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3 Best Sites to Download MP3 Songs for FREE in Few Clicks



free sites to download mp3

Listening to songs is quite charming but downloading them is no less than a headache these days. Whether the required song is available or not, dozens of ads hidden beneath every click, pop ups and redirecting links are flooded all over the sites where downloading becomes a struggle for many. However, there are certain sites from where you can download songs in just a few clicks with no popups or fake links. Following are the 3 sites I personally consider the best for downloading MP3 songs.


Jamendo is one of the earliest sites toprovide the legal MP3 downloading. It is booming with vast music library which is updated regularly. Apart from international and regional songs, it also includes albums from local bands around the world.

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This site doesn’t contain any ads and is free until you want to use songs commercially. It is also very easy to navigate. Just search for your song and a list will appear containing all relevant one with play only and download buttons at the left. Just click on download button and your downloading will start automatically. is the simplest of all MP3 downloading websites. It just contains its logo and a search box. Type the name of your song, album, singer or genres in the search box and you will be surprise how quickly it will get you to the results without any annoyance. It also provides play and download button right in search list so that you don’t have go further inside the site to download the song.


Library is also updated. Not only it contains only the original songs but also the local versions or remixes of the song. What if you listened a good video song on youtube and want to download it in mp3 fomat? Instead of searching here and there on google, just paste the link of that video on MP3Juices and it will automatically convert it MP3 format and present to you for download.



Epitonic is another site which allow MP3 downloading legally. Downloading is as easy as a click without any registration or sign up. You can also make your own playlist on the site which you can access from anywhere.

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It also includes all the related information of song, artist, album and genres. Navigating the site is simple, without any ads and pop-ups. A list of newly added songs is also present at the right side of the homepage to keep you updated with the new releases.