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5 Best FREE LAN/WiFi Chat & File Sharing Software



In a LAN or Local Area Network, where lots of computers are inter connected to each others, administrators often need to interact with their clients for better assessment & instructions. The same happens when we want to interact freely with our office colleagues to form a cool social network without the use of internet. For this, we are going to review some of the top free LAN/Wifi chat utilities that let you have chat with the users connected within a same network. Beside the simple IM sessions, you can also transfer files with a click across your local network.

Best Free LAN/Wifi Chat Software

1. BeeBEEP

BeeBEEP is an open source local area network chat tool capable to transfer files between computers. BeeBEEP supports secure network chat without installing a separate server on each computer, so you can interact freely within your office, home or cafe without an internet connection. Minimize your chat sessions to System Tray or even add your personal HTML code in chat.

best free LAN Wifi chat softwares

2. Squiggle

Squiggle is another open source free server less LAN messenger, just download it and start private chat sessions within your local network or transfer your important files on the go. Requires .NET Framework 4.0 with Windows 7 or higher.

squiggle chat software

3. AChat

AChat is a free software for chatting within your local network. Send files, send messages to live hosts as well as to those who are currently offline. There is no server installation required for AChat. It supports private individual messages and also private sessions, and with public chat, you can build local meeting sessions. AChat is capable to record your chat logs, and requires no server installation on local network computers.

Achat free lan software

4. BORGChat

BORGChat is another free LAN chat software capable to send files, make private conversations as well as public chat sessions, smiley’s and quick shortcut keys. With BORGChat, you can transfer files and pause them according to your network bandwidth. It is also capable to record chat logs. BORGChat support graphical chat like emotions while there is no server installation required for proper working of  BORGChat. It supports message boards and message filtration too, which adds the flexibility to allow or block certain users under the full administrator privileges.


BORGChat free wifi chat software

5. Net-C

Net-C, a free LAN chat software which provides the flexibility to transfer files, make conversations and see current users status. It doesn’t need server installation on computers within your network. Net-C is a multi platform chat messenger so that you are good to go with group chats. It also supports private messages, private chat sessions as well as public chats with cool emotions. In Net-C, you can add your own configuration files like adding your own chat emotions if you have the required expertise, as it is an open source software which allows its users to modify it according to their taste.

Net C freeware lan chat utility

These were the 5 best chat software for networks like LAN/Wifi for your best of the interests. Do you know some other free LAN chat utilities, let us know in the comments below.