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In-Image Ads: Innovative Way to Earn Additional Revenue From Images



As a webmaster, you have seen many ways to earn through your site or blog. Text ads, Images Ads, PPC, In-text advertising and many others. But In-Image ads is something rare but very innovative way to generate extra income from your blog.

PubStop by ImageSpaceMedia is the service that provides in-image ads. There are no requirements to earn from In-Image ads. All you need is a blog or website with images inside it to become a publisher.

PubStop is a publisher platform that makes it easy for web publishers to earn additional revenue by displaying relevant In-Image ads on their sites. It’s an easy to use and powered by a contextual analysis engine that the most relevant ads to serve to your readers.

Once installed, it detects all the images in your blog and start showing ads on them whenever someone hovers mouse onto them. You earn whenever clicks are recorded on those ads.

PubStop ImageSpaceMedia

Hover your cursor on the image to see how it looks

How to Start

1. Apply for In-Image ads at ImageSpaceMedia .
You need to wait about 24 hours to get your application approved.

2. When you’re approved. Create new ad unit. Put in your site’s URL and see other related options.


3. Installation is pretty simple. Just copy/paste the (given) snippet of Javascript in your site’s code.  (Installation instructions are given at that page)

Wait for few minutes before ads finally start appearing on images in your site.

How Do You Earn

There is no precise answer, because earnings will depend on a number of factors:

Traffic – The more ad impressions you generate, the greater the opportunity for a user to potentially click or view a paying ad. An ad impression is different from a page view. Ad impressions can occur only on mouseover of an image or when an image comes into view, depending on your settings.

Pricing – Factors such as changing advertiser budgets, your specific content, where your users are from and the ads your users choose to click will cause your earnings to vary even from day to day.


Payment Methods

Unlike other ad networks that distribute payments every 60-90 days, you are paid during the first week of each month for previous month’s earnings.  You can select payment via Mail or PayPal once a $25 minimum payout is reached.


If you’re looking to increase your income from your blog, I’d recommend to give it a try. Good thing is it doesn’t slow down the page loads at all. You can monitor almost every aspect through your pubstop control panel. Number of clicks, impressions, images that are clicked and much more. Even you can select or deselect particular images for in-image ads.

The best way to find out how much you’ll earn is to try it! There’s no cost, no obligation, and getting started is quick and easy.