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Internet – Another But Very Promising URL Shortening Service



gggg custom short url

URL shortening services are online services that let you shorten long URLs or web links that are either too long to share or too hard to remember. If you are a frequent internet user then you must have faced a scenario where you have an unusual, long and strange looking URL that you need to share with someone. If even a single character gets missed from the URL the page won’t open and you have to keep it unchanged. This is where URL shortner comes handy.

There are so many sites to shorten long URLs but one of my recent favorites in ‘’. The URL shortening service is more interesting than its name. The service is not only one of the fastest I’ve found on the web but also the the cleanest with respect to the interface. The best feature beside the speed and convenience about this service is that its completely ad-free. The interface itself and the short URL that is generated shows no ads or popups when accessed. It takes you straight away to the actual (long) URL as soon as you enter the short one.

gggg url shortner

Here’s how to use the super simple interface to make a long and ugly URL to a tiny URL:

1. Open

2. Enter your long URL in the text box available.


URL Shortening Service

3. Click “Shorten URL” button and window will pop up showing a randomly generated short URL.

4. Just copy the shorten URL and paste anywhere you would like to share.

gggg tiny url generator

You can even choose your own custom or short URL if you don’t want the service to generate a random URL. To do that, just put a check mark on the option below the text box and enter your custom short link. It’s much convenient than the browser addon to make short URL.