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[Trick] Convert 1GB Memory Card to 2GB in Size



Memory cards are used in all forms of digital media like digital cameras, computers, mobile phones and music player. So they are widely used but what if you have purchase a card some months ago and you feel that its storage in not enough to fulfill your needs. Well, there is a good news for you. You can convert a 1GB memory card to 2 GB with the help of free software.

Note: This trick only works on 1GB memory card.

1. First empty your memory card and store data in other media or on your computer.

2. Download Skymedi-2GB-Fix-Software given at the end of this post.

3. Right click on file 1GB_to_2GB.exe and select “Run as Administrator“.


4. Select the drive from the drop down menu you want to fix.

5. In picture below you can see that software in showing the memory card space which is 955 MB.

convert memory stick

6. Simply click on Fix button to start the conversion process and click Yes button.

convert memory card 1gb 2gb

7. Congratulations you have successfully converted a 1Gb memory card to 2 GB.

Download: Skymedi-2GB-Fix-Software