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Top Reasons That Hinder Your Money Making Efforts Online



Could not make moneyBlogging is a lucrative business for serious bloggers. There are many blogs which started as a passion and became a huge success by taking challenges and twisting opportunities into paths of success. Here you are paid for what you are writing. You can write at your own convenient time and from your own comfort zone.

Blogs evolve over a period of time. It is impossible to convert your blog into a money making machine by overnight. For those who wish to enter into the blogging sphere with that mindset, it is advised to quit in the beginning itself rather than wasting time and effort and ending up in total frustration.

All successful bloggers are serious bloggers who will identify the potential and prospective needs and will try to fulfill those needs through blogs dipped in their experience.

Lack of originality

Although you can imitate the style of writing from other writers at the initial stage as a beginner, it should not continue forever. If the content lacks originality and if there is no freshness of thought, you may not have audience to your blogs. You cannot copy the content and present it without understanding the concept.

While writing for our blog that features carbonite and sittercity discount coupon codes, we had umpteen number of blogs/websites dealing on similar topics. But we had to make sure we stand out and provide unique content related to discount coupon deals. Indeed, the quality and uniqueness of our content helped us become more popular in a short time.

Lack of focus on success

Successful bloggers should focus on success. Your focus should be supported by actions. Success is deprived without activating your focus. You should keep on focusing your success regardless of what people say about you or your ventures.


You have to move forward regardless of struggles and setbacks that come across. It is important to focus on your work than mind those unwanted personal criticism on your blogs.

Pull back nature

When we find comments showing finger on silly things like spelling mistakes, we can understand those comments as unreal. Those are intended to downgrade your profile and thereby take advantage from you. You cannot excel with this kind of attitude in your chosen path.

Too much of source information

You are prone to gather all kinds of source material such as books, audio and video tapes. For example, when you are focusing on Blogging domain, you should narrow down your collection of materials strictly related to blogs.

You are tempted to gather material related to Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and so on. It will not only decrease your efficiency but makes you unproductive. Broad selection will confuse you. If your area of working is confined to blog marketing then stick on to blog marketing books alone.

Too many conferences

Implementation of ideas fetched through conference and books is important rather than mere attendance at each and every free conference. There is no doubt that attending a conference will boost your confidence and you will be encouraged and acquire enthusiasm to perform things in a better way.


Here is an opportunity to grow as you will get new thoughts and ideas from others’ experience. You have to complete the homework after attending those conferences. Otherwise, you will be losing your valuable time.

False gurus

Don’t fall into the trap of false gurus. Not all gurus are making money through their online business. Some of the so called gurus are spamming and misleading others out of their own frustration. Beware of those gurus!

False prophesy

Don’t fall prey to liars. When you come across messages with instant gains like making lots of money, attracting thousands of visitors per year, etc. you are cautioned. These are all false claims and they just want to lure others out of their ignorance, cheat them and make money.

Not thinking big

You should think big about your success. If you ponder over small things all the time, you cannot be an achiever and you will lose over a period of time. When you think big, that big will drive you further until you achieve the success.

You’re not willing to listen

Successful online business undertaking personalities will have an ear reserved to experts’ advice. You should listen to the success formula and implement it. As experts share tips based on their experience, you may not repeat those same mistakes in your own journey. Thus you can speed up your success curve.


Don’t build multiple sites

You should concentrate on building one successful site rather than implementing multiple sites and losing everywhere. Take one site, make it strong until you are able to convert the traffic into cash and then you can move on to your next project.


Check for solutions and don’t leave or postpone until you get it done. If you are not able to do it yourself, take help from appropriate source.

Blogs with good reader engagement traits and natural flow of traffic will generate money in a successful way. Have you overcome your own pitfalls?