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Top 10 Strange Issues Why Google Can Suspend Your Adsense Account



There are different strange reasons why Google may suspend your Adsense account. While it is difficult to open an Adsense account, it is getting harder to maintain one these days. It is a reality that many publishers experienced having their account suspended and usually for a strange reason. It usually makes it worthy to spend more time reading Google’s policy on Adsense in order to avoid getting a suspended Google Adsense account and forfeit your earnings from your blogs and websites.

No matter who you are, any violations of their policy and terms and condition will always warrant your Adsense account suspension no matter how weird the reason may be for you.

Here are some of the reasons Why Google Can Suspend Your Adsense Account.

Why Google Can Suspend Your Adsense Account

Why Google Can Suspend Your Adsense Account

1. Click fraud

This may sound like a criminal act but it’s a big no to click on your own ads. Google does not like being fooled and it can actually detect and monitor your activities using its intelligent algorithm technology. It is only a matter of time for Google technology to identify fraudulent activities on the clicks made on your ads and this will always lead to your Adsense account suspension.

Google may suspend your Adsense account

2. Making your contents look like ads

Google always advises their publishers not to blend or mimic their ads with their contents otherwise you are attracting a warning signal that will make your Adsense account prone from being banned or suspended. Format mimicking is a prohibition and against Google terms and condition. While you are at the liberty to design the contents of your blog, you cannot enjoy such liberty if it violates Google Adsense policy that increases the risk for your account suspension.


3. Circumventing the use of Google products

You cannot maintain a website that is optimized for Google Adsense ads and banners which promotes how to abuse and bypass certain Google products and services. If you do so, you are likely calling the attention of Google to ban your account for good. For instance, you cannot teach people on your site how to trick your customers from clicking on Google ads in order to increase your CPC or help your readers to bypass payment for paid mobile applications on Google Play.

4. Engaging on paid traffic

Many publishers tried to increase their website traffic through paid traffic services where website owners could exchange traffic on their sites and to send their own website visitors to another site for paid traffic visits. This is a cheap way of increasing your monetization opportunity from Google Adsense that Google will easily detect that will lead to the banning of your Adsense account.

Google suspending review

5. Poorly written website content

You cannot simply post article contents of any kind on your website. When you write content, you should ensure that it comes with information that will be useful to your readers. Highly informative contents are essential to make Google like your site and to find it worth displaying their ads.

Poorly written website content

6. Back links to gambling sites on your website

Gambling site owners are willing to pay website owners in order to send back links to their site. While you can probably earn by adding links to gambling sites directly from the website that you own, you are likely taking the risks of getting your Adsense account banned by Google because it doesn’t want their ads to be associated with gambling sites.

7. Maintaining a website mainly for ads

It would be nonsense to display Google ads from a website that does not provide content on their site but one that is merely optimized in posting more ads. A website like these are not much of use to website users and Google will likely find your site not worth displaying their ads.


8. Displaying prohibited content

One of the most common violations that leads to account suspension in Google Adsense is the kind of content that you post on your site. You should not post articles that promote violence, drugs, alcoholism and pornography.

9. Linking your site to guest posts

This may sound strange but it is important that you accept guest writers for your site that offers only legitimate links to their posts. Have you tried double checking the link posts of your guest authors? It may be a link to porn sites or gambling sites which will always warrant an immediate banning of your Google Adsense account.

Linking your site to guest posts

10. Plagiarized and copyrighted materials on your site

It is very clear in the Google Adsense policy that publishers are prohibited from using copyrighted materials on their site. Thus, it is always safe to be original on your content and do not attempt to post materials on your website that you don’t own.

Strange! yes these all issues can be reason Why Google Can Suspend Your Adsense Account. So just try to avoid these and play at safe end.