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Why Your eCommerce Store Needs a Blog



More than 75 percent of all stores have websites, according to various reports, and more than half have started up blogs. A common mistake that many small eCommerce store owners make is assuming that since they focus on selling product, their advertising can be effective just by promoting items for sale. However, having a good blog with regularly updated content can go a long way in improving your sales.

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A Blog Provides an Incentive for Customers to Keep Coming Back

One of the big things that a blog can do for your eCommerce store is to provide an incentive for customers to come back to your eCommerce website. The key here is to make sure that the content is regularly updated and that it is valuable to your customers. Value means that it is something that your readers will want to know about.

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The blog posts themselves can be as short as 400 words a piece or they can be up to 1,200 or longer. To keep the content coming in regularly, you may want to create a backlog of already written quality articles and schedule them in advance to post. By making sure that you post your articles regularly and on time, you make it easier for your customers to count on you. This, in turn, contributes to the impression of your brand as a whole. Remember that they don’t have to be precisely related to what you sell. You could write about topics that are of interest to your readers such as how to remove stains from clothing or how to start an online business.

A Blog Can Increase Your Site’s Rank

Search engine optimization is still important. While you can optimize both the descriptions of your items for sales as well as your descriptions of pictures for SEO, you can do even more by having well written blog posts and articles. Each one should focus on one particular set of keywords. Remember that it doesn’t just have to be a single keyword. It can be a key phrase.

A Blog Can Give Your eCommerce Store a Face

One of the reasons that it’s easy for people to buy something from your eCommerce store and then never come back has nothing to do with the quality of the service or the products. In some cases, it may be as simple as the fact that your eCommerce store does not have a face. It doesn’t have a personality. Your customers don’t see the human connection.


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Once you create that positive personal relationship with your customers, you make it more likely that they will come back. At the very least, they will think about your eCommerce store. In traditional brick and mortar stores, the personal connection could be made through the cashier and the greeter and a number of other employees. For an eCommerce store, the main opportunity you have is through written articles and blog posts that have a personal tone and meet your readers’ needs.