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Things To Keep in Mind While Getting Your Business Cards



In corporate world it is difficult to earn recognition. It can take you years to make clients familiar with your company. Even with extensive product marketing, it might take you a lot of time to develop brand loyalty amongst your clients.

Business cards play a major role in introducing company’s name. Business cards are actually extensions of the business and give clients the necessary information about the company. A professional business card can help your business to capture potential clients as customers are only attracted towards professionally designed business cards. Designing a business card may seem a straight forward thing but a lot can go wrong this is why business card blog is there to help you out in learning some tips and guides to choose professional service.

Following are some points which you should keep in mind while trying to design your business card.

1. Hiring a Professional

Unless you are a good graphic designer, it is quite difficult to design even a simple business card. It’s a great chore to print your business cards at home so hiring a professional card designer is a good option. People think that having a printer at home would help them print their cards but it’s much more complicated than that. There is a world of a difference between cards printed by professionals and those printed at home. As I mentioned earlier that business cards are an extension of your business, so instead of printing a bad card, it is probably a wise idea to hire a professional.

Do your research at home before hiring a card designer. Check various card designing companies, thoroughly check their profiles, and visit their facilities and production firm. Also make sure that the designer you are going to hire has hands-on experience of designing professional business cards. The best option you have here is to hire a professional card designer and keep a tap on the work.

2. Finalizing the content

When you are satisfied with the design of your card, you need to settle on the information you want to print on your card. Designer would only design a card for your business but it’s you who needs to finalize the contact or business details that go on your card. You can take a little help from the business cards of some of your counterparts. Skim through their cards and see how they did it. Extract all important data that you would like to your customers and clients to know. Once you are done extracting, summarize all the content to make it fit on one card.


When you have finalized the content of your business card, contact the business card designer and arrange a meeting. Get ideas from the designer as to how your business card would look like. Ask him to provide you some samples of business cards. View all samples thoroughly and add or subtract bits that you feel are not appropriate.  Before finalizing design, don’t forget to confirm typographic design, fonts and other vital information.

3. Quality check and payment

When your business cards are ready to be delivered and the designer demands for the money, remember to check the cards before paying. Make sure that the fonts are the same as you finalized. Check all the vital information and the look for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Thoroughly check your logo and look for any colour or designing mistakes.

Also randomly check the paper quality of the cards as designers often use substandard paper material to cut their costs and hide those cards in between the whole stack. Withhold the payment until you are totally satisfied. You can also delay the payment for a day to conduct a thorough quality check. When you are totally satisfied with the cards go for the payment.