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The Global Appeal and Addiction of Angry Birds [Infographic]



Angry Birds

Angry Birds no doubt has won hearts of millions of people so far due to it’s highly addictive gameplay. If you haven’t played the game yet, just play it once and I’ll bet you’ll get addicted to it instantly and won’t rest until you finish all the levels.

The enjoyment begins when one gets started to frustrate. Yes! the amount of frustration gets higher with the levels. You have to throw your birds on green pigs and everytime the projection gets changed and you cannot keep your target pin pointed at same spot on every restart of the round.

Angry Birds Intro Splash Screen

Well, the game so far has got more than 300 million downloads since its release in early 2011. The most interesting fact about the game would be its 200 million minutes per day gameplay by addicts! That’s equal to 16 years of game play every hour of every day!

We had shared the game already and it has got over 160 thousand downloads just from our site. You can also download here: Angry Birds for PC

We found this awesome inforgraphic that explains the whole story and interesting facts behind the most downloaded mobile phone game ever!


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Angry Birds Infographics

Image and Infographic credit: AYTM Market Research