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TeamLab: Free Online Portal of Your Organization [REVIEW]



Teamlab logoWhether it is a sports team or an organization, it needs to have a strategy and a proper team work to achieve the desired goals and this can only be arranged by implementing a proper management strategy within the team.

Since we are in the age of technology and the way of managing teams and implementing new strategies is way much different then it was two decades ago. Nowadays organizations are on a constant look for management and collaboration tools in order to manage their team effectiveness and make their work team dynamic in nature, and that is the point when TeamLab comes in to play the role.

TeamLab is a management and collaboration web tool that allows you to enhance the productivity of your team. By using this application one can comfortably manage the business, teams, resources and perform daily routine tasks like task assigning and report generation. Moreover the application also allows setting team’s milestone and on its basis can judge the over all progress of the team.

TeamLab also helps in increasing the communication and coordination between the team personnel, which is because of its feature that allows them to communicate with work colleagues and send messages to each other over TeamLab.

Other than the above mentioned TeamLab’s project management features and collaboration tool allows you to Set different Polls, events, store and share pictures with the team and it even allows to add bookmarks, so that the whole team could get facilitated with the information that one want to share with the team. The TeamLab comes in with different deployment methods, the offered deployment methods include: AMI, SAAS and Open Source, user can choose the one that suits best and fits the style.


This corporate portal which is provided to you by TeamLab allows your team to save, edit and delete documents, spreadsheets etc directly from the TeamLab as it comes up with online editing features. The best thing about TeamLab is that the most of the options that are provided to you by TeamLab are absolutely free of cost, however to have the full access to the TeamLab premium options one needs to pay, although they may also settle down with the free of cost version, if they do not require the premium features.

Concluding, TeamLab is a great, dynamic and all rounder team management and collaboration system that allows you to manage your team as well as work efficiently and effectively.