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Seven Simple Tips for Generating Great Content



Whoever says that you have to be extra genius to create great content is wrong! It is true that nobody is born a professional writer; you become better blogger only with passion, a lot of practice and hard work.

tips tro create quality content

Content writing is basically an art or a skill which anybody can develop who has basic knowhow of general grammar and the need of readers. To write great content, you don’t need to be extra genius, just follow some simple tips and you will end up with creation of a great content.

1. Select the title carefully

The first and foremost important thing for generating great content is to select a good title. If you are clueless as to what to write about, you can conduct keyword research by using Google keyword tool (which is free). You can also refer to other blogs to know what sparks the interest of the readers. Also keep your target audience in mind while selecting titles.

2. Research the content

After selecting a topic, research the content that you need to cover for the body of the post. For this purpose, study various informative sources such as other related blogs, books, newspapers, e-books, guides, magazines and other online sources to enhance your understanding of the topic which will ultimately improve the quality of your content. Jot down all the points in your mind and make a rough draft.

3. Incorporate your ideas in the content

Blog writing should be informal. Give your posts a personal touch by giving your take on the subject matter at hand. If you are portraying something negatively, it would be a nice idea to let your readers know your reason for doing so. You can also share your experiences and cite examples in the content. The quality of good content is that it flows without asking the readers to make any extra efforts.


4. Incorporate your own writing style

Never follow anyone’s writing style! Everyone has their own style of writing which you should not try and copy. Instead you should try and develop your own distinct style which will not only assist your writing freely but will also add a flowing quality to your writing. You should study the content of other blog writers but don’t copy their style of writing.

5. Use simple language

Simplicity and clarity is an important blogging tip. Try to be precise and to the point but make sure whatever you think, you express clearly for your readers. Always use simple language which your readers can understand. However, here simplicity does not mean that you distract people with your blunt and precise description. Explain the whole crux of the content comprehensively without missing any point.

6. Divide your ideas in paragraphs or bullet points

Try to add a good number of paragraphs in your content by dividing your ideas into different paragraphs or bullet points. This way, you make your content easier to read for your readers and help them go through the entire content without much effort. So don’t forget to present your thoughts nicely, in a manner which is both easier on the eyes as well as for the mind.

7. Respond to the comments

Don’t forget to respond to the readers’ comments on your blog. It is a good way of building relationships with your readers and deriving new ideas from their comments. If people leave negative comments, always appreciate their criticism as it is the only way that improves and polishes your writing skills.

If you take care of some of these basic things, then there is no reason why should not be able to generate some quality content for your readers. If you have something to add to this list, feel free to share.