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Send Free SMS To Pakistan [No Signup Required]



There are very few sites that work when we want to send sms free of cost. We’ve shared some sites in the past that work and you can send free sms to all the mobile phone operators in Pakistan.

This time it’s  The service is new and impressive and lets you send message upto 135 characters long.  Good part is, you don’t need to create an account to send the sms. But if you sign up you get an interesting feature with it.

The recipient(s) of your sms can reply back to the same number and you can receive the messages in your inbox, online!

If your recipients will reply your message by putting a Reply ID at start of the message they received on their mobile, you can find that in your Inbox , you will also be notified by email. Make sure you put in the email address you use most frequently so that you never miss the replies to your messages.

RepID is your Reply Code which you can see in your Profile. Sender use this code in start of sms if he/she wants to send reply back to your online inbox.


Here’s how it works:

If you want to receive SMS right in your Inbox on, then tell your family & friends that they can reply you by including your RepID at start then hyphen (-) and then message for you.

For Example:

RepID542This is your reply message from mobile phone.

See and send free sms to friends and family in Pakistan.


Don’t forget to leave your comments about the service. How do you find it and how fast it is.