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Search For Music By Singing Or Humming Through Midomi




It often happens, there is that one song that you heard in some commercial or somewhere else randomly, and now it is stuck in your head. The song caught your attention and you want to listen to it completely now,  but you just can’t seem to search it out because you don’t know the artist or even the name of the song. Does that mean you will never get to listen to that particular song again? Or will you have to wait for some another random co-incidence to be finally able to listen to that song? The answer is no. Midomi will raise to the occasion and help you out.

Search Songs Just by Singing or Humming


Midomi is a free online tool that is dedicated to music search, similar to the one required in the scenario i described above. You can now Search Songs just by singing, humming or even whistling a part of that song into the Midomi recorder, which will then search its library and let you know about the song that you’re looking for. People might wonder how it actually works.

midomi search

Midomi is powered by its users’ voices. Users from all over the world submit pieces of recorded audio when they search for any song, those audios are then stored in Midomi’s library. When another user searches for the same song by recording an audio, the search is conducted and the matched results are displayed. That means, you can contribute your voice to its library as well.

Other Features

Midomi allows you to create your own profile at the network. You can sing your favorite songs and let them be heard by other users. You can also communicate and interact with other users present on the community. Additionally, Midomi contains a library of over 2 million songs. You can listen to those songs or buy the original tracks.

It’s is a highly useful tool that all music lovers would love and appreciate.