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RumbleTalk – Set up Your Online Chat Room Widget on Any Website [Review]



If you want to let your readers and customers to chat with each other or send an inquiry directly on your website, it is always a good choice to use an online chat room. RumbleTalk chatroom is exactly such an amazing service which lets you achieve this feature with an HTML5 code-based widget added to the website. No technical skill is needed!

01 RumbleTalk homepage

Simple Steps to Set up Your Online Chat Room Widget

Create an account

You will see a registration bar on the homepage of RumbleTalk. Enter your email address and new password and click ‘Try It Free’.

02 Create an account

Get the HTML5 code and embed it to your site

In a few seconds, your plugin code will be generated and you will see a dashboard asking where you want to set up the chat room: website content, floating toolbar or Facebook page.

03 Copy and paste the script

By copying the script in the two boxes and pasting them on your site, your chat room will start working immediately. Or you can ‘click to add’ the chat room to a Facebook page.

04 Add to Facebook

On the dashboard, you are able to manage, add or delete chat rooms, groups and users, select chat widget skins, ban words, sentences and user IPs, archive chat history and configure many other settings. In addition, there is no number limitation about how many room or group you can own.


05 Dashboard

06 Select skins

And these are the two modes your chat room will look like:

Floating toolbar:

07 Floating icon

(Click this icon and a floating chat window will appear)

08 Floating toolbar

Webpage embedding:

09 Webpage widget embedding

Logging in with Facebook, twitter or RumbleTalk account is nice, but no registration is required to join the chat as a visitor. Also, you need not log in to view the chat content. It entirely depends on your customers’ preference.


10 Log in

Other details you need you know about RumbleTalk:

  • Users can chat on the RumbleTalk chatroom widget in 30 languages.
  • The HTML5 web app of RumbleTalk is also mobile-friendly.
  • It supports all the major platforms, including WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, PhpBB, Magento, Yola, Typepad, Wix, Jimdo, Facebook, Squarespace, and Tumblr.
  • You can design the chat widget skins yourself with CSS.

Watch the official video of RumbleTalk


  • Starter – $12.5/mon yearly agreement; $16/mon monthly agreement.
  • Basic – $25/mon yearly agreement; $32/mon monthly agreement.
  • Master – $35/mon yearly agreement; $44/mon monthly agreement.
  • Monster – $58/mon yearly agreement; $74/mon monthly agreement.

Visit RumbleChat now to try it for FREE, read the more detailed description about its features, or have a look of a demo first.