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How To Get Blog Commenting To Work For You



Get more comments on your blogTraffic generation is a very important part of life for all bloggers and webmasters and that’s why you need to use good methods like blog commenting to send targeted traffic to your website.

All Internet Marketers and Webmasters understand that commenting intelligently on other people’s blogs gives you backlinks which improve the ranking the search engines give to you as well as raising your direct traffic levels.

In this article we will teach you not only how to find the right blogs for your comments but how to take steps to ensure those comments’ approvals.

Use Your First Name

Bloggers have a much easier time figuring out the legitimacy of a comment these days because they’ve learned to look for a few things. This is the reason that you need to work hard to make you look like you are trying to spam the blog. When you’re commenting, use your first name rather than your primary keyword, because it just makes more sense to do so. It is important that you look like an honest and genuine person who wants to contribute to the blog and not just like a spammer who is going to use the blog in an attempt to impress the search engines with keyword anchor text.

Use Your Real Picture

If you want to be serious about your blog commenting then you need to have a Gravatar and it needs to be an actual picture of you and not just a random graphic. The reason for this is that bloggers tend to be really particular about who they are dealing with, and if you appear genuine to them, it will speed up the approval process. You don’t want to give the impression of being someone with something to hide. Give the blogger as many reasons as possible to know that you’re real and not just trying to spam them.

Use Short Links

If you link to your website with the blog post be sure that you use a short URL and not a long one with a bunch of numbers and characters. The reason you do this is that, typically, long URLs are used by spammers to send people to affiliate landing pages and most bloggers know this.


Looking as genuine as possible is important because it keeps people on your end from looking confused. You need to make raising your chances of having comments approved one of your biggest priorities and focusing on this one little thing can really speed up the whole process.

As you start your blog commenting you will see that there is a streamlined process for using it to your advantage. The only way to discover this process and to see if it works for you is by taking regular action and put aside any failures that you face. It is important to stick to your guns when you work on blog commenting and taking your success up a few levels because sometimes your comments just won’t get approved and this is when it is most important to focus on your goals.