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Fastest Way to Send FREE SMS Worldwide [No Signup Required]



FREE sms worldwide

FREE sms worldwideUsers who wish to send text messages to their friends or family worldwide, always ask that what is the real fast way to send sms. The want the service to be fast, working and free of cost offcourse, because no one likes to pay for a 160-character text message sent from PC.

Well, there are already some services that offer free sms sending worldwide but none of them are found perfect so far. Except BDRulez SMS service. That is both free and fast. Plus you are never required to signup or even enter your info to send the message. Just put in the number and your 160 character message.

The process is very simple:

1. Visit BDrules SMS service

2. Put in the recipient’s mobile number (in international format)

3. Type your message (of 160 characters) and hit send button.


Your message is usually received within a minute worldwide. But if the coverage is low at the receiver’s end, it might several minutes.

This is the probably the fastest and free sms sending service we’ve found so far.

If you know other services like this, please do share with us in the comments below. We would love to know more about these services.