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Download Windows 8 Start Screen for Windows 7, Vista and XP



Download Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 has been already released with the developer preview edition for the public which can be downloaded and installed by anyone who wish to try out the the most anticipated operating system from Microsoft. Millions of users have already downloaded the preview edition. If you wish to try out you can also Download Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition.

It has been known to almost all of the Windows fans that the new Windows 8 will have a new start screen based on live tiles except the traditional icons based desktop for application shortcuts. The Windows 8 start screen shows a live tiles of all application that are built in Windows 8 and shortcuts that you may set by yourself. Now you can Download Windows 8 Start Screen for any Windows version.

Download Windows 8 Start Screen

We have already shared few Transformation Packs and Skin Packs of Windows 8 for the users who are using Windows 7 , Vista and Windows XP and wish to try out the look and feel of the upcoming Windows version.

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We recently discovered another creation from a deviantart artist who created an awesome app to bring ‘Start Screen’ of Windows 8 to your desktop of Windows 7, Vista and XP. It mimics the Start Screen with the exact screen scrolling effect. You can drag/scroll the screen to left or right by dragging the tiles.

Windows 8 Start Screen for Windows 7

This is the closest resemblance of Windows 8 Start Screen we’ve found so far.


You get the following with this pack:

  • Socialite Tile for Facebook
  • Tweet@rama for Twitter
  • News Tile
  • Weather Tile
  • Picstream Flickr Tile
  • Gmail Tile
  • Other tiles include paintplay, inkpad, Piano, NearMe, Browser tile, Notespace Tile, Various Shortcut tiles which can be configured
  • Mopod Tile to play music, Angry Birds Game, Fruit Ninja Game and limitless.

You also get lock screen similar to the one which is in Windows 8.

This application can be installed on Windows 7, Vista and XP (both 32 and 64-bit version).

Download Windows 8 Start Screen
(filesize: 11.5MB)