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[How-To] Close All Running Applications in Single Click



When there are lot of applications running simultaneously on your desktop and when you want to close all of them you need to open them one by one and then press that close button on each of the opened application. Right?

What if there’s a single button to close all the applications at once? I knew you must have felt the need of such a button! Well everything is possible in computers world and someone among us not just realized this but also created a wonderful little magic button that closes all the running programs with a single click of the mouse!

Close All Windows” is the little freeware utility that installs as a button in your system. Yes it works just like that!

It’s a single executable file that doesn’t require any installation and you can place it anywhere on your desktop. You can place anywhere you feel comfortable in reaching it. Best places are to put it as a shortcut in quick launch of windows taskbar.

Close All on Windows XP Quick Launch

Close All on Windows 7 Quick Launch

Download Close All

(all windows version supported)

Visit Close All’s  official page