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AffiliateNicheScript – Build Your Affiliate Store with Amazon & eBay


Sellers on Amazon or eBay may want to have their own affiliate store under an independent domain name, where their products can be customized freely and bring more profits: not only sell the products, but get paid from Google AdSense and many other advertisers as well. Although this is a hard work for those who are not the experts in website building, you need not worry about it at all, since Affiliate Niche Script can help you a lot.

Affiliate Store Website Builder

Affiliate Niche Script, or ANS for short, is an efficient Affiliate Store Website Builder that lets you to create an affiliate store connected to the API of Amazon or eBay with very few configurations.

Affiliate Store Website Builder – Amazon or eBay

First, you need following things to build an affiliate store:


  • Domain Name and Web Hosting
  • PHP 5.1.2 or higher
  • MySQL database
  • Amazon Web Services Access Keys


  • eBay campaign ID
  • AdSense Account

If you have them, register an account on the website of ANS to buy a service pack. After this, you will be asked to download a ZIP file containing a script and to get a license key. The installation process can be summarized as four main steps:

  • Extract the ZIP file on your computer.
  • Edit the related files to make them include your MySQL database.
  • Upload the files to your web server.
  • Visit your site to configure the installation settings.

* For more specific guides, click the ‘Installation Instructions’ link at the end of this article.

Now log in the control panel on your affiliate store website.

Log in

You will see the ANS Admin Home – Dashboard. On this page, you can view your stores summary, top 5 Amazon products, recent activity in the store, key information (script and API version, etc.) and ANS updates notification.

Admin Home Dashboard

By clicking ‘Store Configuration’, all the major options to build your store will be shown on your screen. They are:

  • Main Settings – set up various ID/keys of Amazon or eBay and your site URL, name, logo, slogan, description and keywords.

Store Configuration Main Settings

  • Homepage – choose homepage type, enter product details, set featured products, filter results from homepage categories and write custom content with advanced word editor.

Store Configuration Homepage

  • Categories – view existing categories, create new Amazon, eBay and URL category and edit or delete them.

6Store Configuration Categories

  • SEO Options – choose to enable SEO URLs, select extension for webpages and set URL name length, etc.

Store Configuration SEO Options

  • Banners Management – view & create banners.

Store Configuration Banners Management

  • Global Filters – manage settings that will affect contents for global visitors.

Store Configuration Global Filters

  • Advanced Settings – options let you to modify the details of products being displayed.

Store Configuration Advanced Settings

  • Titles & Meta Tags – set titles and tag for different pages on your site.

Store Configuration Title META Tags

OK, let us see the other features of the control panel.

  • Static Pages – view & create static pages of your store.

Static Pages

  • Statistics – data about items added to the cart, eBay & Amazon referrals and cart checkouts.


  • Price Tracking – watch the price trends of certain item.

Price Tracking

  • Reviews – approve/disapprove the pending reviews about your products.


  • Users – the existing information of users on your site, update user level, delete or ban certain user.


Till this time, all you should do is done. Your affiliate store is ready to welcome the visitors! And this is what the site might look like:

Front End1

Front End2

The Price of Affiliate Niche Script:

  • $14.95 per month for a leased license.
  • $99 one time payment for an owned license.

Visit Affiliate Niche Script, view the installation instructions or

try a demo of ANS Admin Panel (Username & password: admin) and Front End.

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Make Perfect Visual Identities On Mobile With Logo Maker App!

Logo Maker Pro Logo Creator

Are you amid those who are looking for a perfect logo creator?

Be glad! Logo Maker App has heard you.

You don’t need to be a professional designer to make logos here. This perfect logo designing software gives you the ease of making attention-grabbing logos within minute.

Logo Maker App

Making perfect logos weren’t easy before. Well, we are aware that there are multiple logo generators, but choosing the right one is the real deal. Do you want to create a perfect brand identity? If yes, then this logo creator will let you do it. Just a bunch of questions related to your business and you are good to go. It will generate a perfect visual identity for you.

Golden snitch of customization

It’s a double-trouble when you are not allowed to customize your logo according to your preferences. Sigh of relief! This fantastic app lets you customize the logos as per your wish. There are thousands of features you can play around with. Choose amazing fonts from the incredible font library, add vibrancy to your logo, give it a color you want, within few seconds, the logo will be in your bucket.

Who needs a logo designer when you have a perfect logo creator app? We are not the advocates of this logo generator, but yes those who have used it are the real backers.

customize your logo with logo maker

Hold on! The story doesn’t end here. You are in to know more about it…

Imagine, how amazing it would be if an online logo maker app lets you play around with maximum features? Your search ends here, “Logo Maker App” lets you do it all.

Don’t miss to give the second gaze to its features:

Some features

  • Be it a business logo, fashion logo, wordmark or anything else; you will get it all here.
  • It offers you a bundle of shapes that can be used in your logo.
  • You have the liberty to choose from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • It lets you resize the text and shapes as per your wish

Many logo generators claim to provide you with the high-quality logos, but few actually do. Your expectations won’t end in vain this time because this logo generator doesn’t claim much, its features speak for itself.

Keep that creative juice flowing as it will help you in giving life to the visual identities that are worth a stare.

You don’t need to pay a single penny

How can we forget mentioning the foremost part! There are no hidden curtains; you can download it for free on your Android & iOS devices.

Some awesome things are hard to come by. Be happy that you found one in the form of “Download Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator


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EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software Wizard 11 [Review]

free data recovery software

Losing valuable data and important documents are probably the biggest blow for computer users. If you have accidentally deleted something from your system? If you have got your pen drive corrupted? Or if system breakdown and viruses have taken away some of your precious files? Don’t regret or feel sick for any tragedy with your data. There are thousands of online data recovery tools which can help you to recover your lost data. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard version is one of those efficient data recovery software. Let’s review this free data recovery software and know how it is different from other data recovery tools.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software Wizard Version

free data recovery software
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a useful tool for data recovery, backup, and hard drive management. It is an impressive free data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted data easily and quickly. This software is suitable for window users and allows them to restore crucial data lost through sudden deletion, formatting and virus attack. It is flexible and time-saving. This software makes you clear about all recoverable data through preview before recovery. It enables you to get lost files back fast with remarkable recovery quality. It also offers basic quick scanning and further deep scanning allow users to track down lost data, deleted documents, photos, and media thoroughly.

It is different from other data recovery software. Total new interface with simple steps to recovery, improved scanning process which enables the user to find data more efficiently make it different from other data recovery software. Moreover filter function optimization after scanning for easy recovery and support for Turkish and Arabic are most significant features of this software.

It also allows the user to recover data from any scenario. This software allows recovery from simple deleting, partition loss of the hardware, virus attack and faulty operations of the drive to even complicated formatted hard drive. You would be able to recover all of the lost files with exact file name and folder path.  It supports all types of hardware, and it also supports hard drive with up to 8 TB storage space and allows you to recover all kinds of file formats. Moreover, this data recovery software is also supported by all versions of Windows and Mac.

In a nutshell, it can be said that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an advanced recovery software. It is free data recovery which is easy to use.

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Benefits Of Choosing Free Data Recovery Software

Free Data Recovery Software

Data loss is a very common problem these days. Users who are accustomed to store a lot of data at different locations often end up losing some of it. Data loss can happen for many reasons. For instance, a hardware malfunction due to a power outage, an old and malfunctioning hard drive or deletion by mistake. In all cases, your data pays the biggest price. Instead of working on making a copy, using a data recovery software would be the ideal thing to do.

Data Recovery Software

EaseUS is among the most reliable and functional free data recovery software available in the market today. Here is more on how EaseUS can help you recover your precious data.

Unique Features

EaseUs is a nifty little software that combines precise algorithms with speed and ease of use. As a result, this data recovery software will recover any file from your drive. The data recovery software has many interesting aspects. For example, it can even recover lost or deleted files from damaged and repartitioned drives. The interface is very easy to use, so much so that even a novice user can run and recover data from it.

The user interface is pleasant and elaborate, which makes it even easier to use it. Another novel feature of EaseUS data recovery tool can recover any file or document from different drives. For instance, it can recover files from a flash drive, music players such as iPod, virus or malware attacks, hard, hard disk partitions, crashing the operating system and memory cards.

Getting Started

To recover your lost or deleted files, you need to install the EaseUS data recovery software on your system. You can choose to install it on any partition. The software will take approximately 18 megabytes of hard drive space and about 1 minute to install. Once done, the program will show a pop-up menu with instructions on how to use the software. Recovering data is very easy, just let the software scan your drive for any deleted files. Afterward, the software will show a complete scan report indicating any lost data from all partitions. Your hidden data will be displayed on the list. Just click on the archive, and mention the partition you want it to be restored. The software will scan the drive and recover the lost file in less than a minute.

Important Note:

Close all programs and try not to touch the mouse while your software is running. Doing so may interrupt the scanning process that might result in improper scanning which may not allow the software to recover your document correctly. Repeated interruptions might even damage your lost file. To avoid this situation, let the software scan all the drives and all the process to complete. Also, turn off any antivirus or malware protection programs while running the software. These programs may cause interference in the scanning process.

Regarding overall performance, unique features and ease of use, the EaseUS data recovery software has no analogs in the market.

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