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Bitrix24: Build Free Social Intranet For Better Collaboration [Review]




Every business needs an efficient collaborative environment where all the group members can easily communicate and interact with each other, hence boosting productivity. Businesses normally rely on conventional communication methods, and take it for granted that the employees are active social media or chatting services’ users. But all those methods are pretty inefficient, especially since all the workflow is spread over multiple applications.

Bitrix24 is such an efficient collaboration platform for your company where you can create your own Social Intranet and have your employees communicate and collaborate more effectively!  Bitrix24 provides your company with a lot of features from Social tools to CRM to task management and so on.

build free social intranet

Bixtrix24- Build Free Social Intranet

Social Intranet

Social networking makes communication easier, and lot more fun. With Bitrix24, you can build free social intranet of your own, where employees can communicate just like they do on Facebook or other social media. Only difference is, it’s a work environment as well, which means all collaborative team work, file sharing, task management, and time tracking can be done right on this Intranet! Here are some cool features

Social Intranet

Social Intranet – Click the image to see larger preview

  • Activity stream lets you check out what people are up to, just like Facebook’s news feed
  • Conversations let you start collaborations on a task. Prive conversations are also supported
  • Instant Messenger
  • Photo Gallery
  • Notifications
  • The Like Button, just as you get on Facebook

CRM Overview

CRM Options

CRM Options – Click the image to see larger preview

The Bitrix24 gives you control for complete CRM Overview of the intranet, that provide a platform to organize and track interactions with potential or current customers, clients, partners etc. You can manage your contacts, get reports and sales stats, access rights and roles in CRM, and integrate with your website easily.

Other features


  • Easy Project and task management
  • Gantt Charts that allow you to track task statuses and the people involved etc
  • Report builder
  • Work-groups
  • Extranet – workgroups can be shared with other parties such as clients and partners online
  • Report Builder
  • Document and workflow management
  • Transparency and document/work history
  • Instant search across documents, messages, record, employee bios, comments, and other such information
  • And a lot more….


Bitrix24 has some of the most flexible pricing plans. It has a free package plan for companies that have up-to 12 employees. And you get 5GB free online storage, along with all the basic features. For additional features and more storage, you can pay $99, or $199 for the Standard or Professional packages, both of which support an unlimited number of employees.

Bitrix24 is really a great tool for creating free social intranet within your company. Sign up for Free, and check out the amazing and efficient solutions for yourself!

[This was a sponsored review]