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SuperCopier: Accelerate, Pause and Resume Files Copying Process



As we all know that copy pasting heavy files like DVD movies and upcoming Blue ray disk in Windows Vista and Windows 7 tends to slow our system and we have to stop some of our tasks in order to copy paste heavy files.

Although today’s machines are quite powerful and performs multitasks efficiently but they show same speed while copying or moving files.

download super copier freeSuperCopier is such a utility for windows platform to Accelerate, Pause on demand, and Resume windows file copying Pasting and moving tasks. This is a small software which is FREE and runs in background, takes less than 2 MB in memory.

SuperCopier can be very useful for backup operations in which you have to copy all your data from your local hard-disk to external hard-disk. Remember that if you are copy pasting or moving system files than you need to login as Administrator otherwise SuperCopier may fail to copy or move the system files.

Download: SuperCopier