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4 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Best Posts



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Have You ever got annoyed when You say to yourself, “This was my best Work but it didn’t get enough traffic, I could have got more traffic”

Then..? You start re-thinking, was this as good as I think it is ?

Many times, your post or article might be published at a time, not inductive to rapid/more traffic or rather post was good but people were surfing more and more about some other trending topic, due which your post got ignored. Well, I’ll tell you how you can solve this issue.


1. Re-posts your Best Posts

You Can post your oldies Goldie’s Posts which are in-sensitive of time , For  E.g.  Posts Like “10 Ways to increase Battery Time” , this post can be as important in 2011, 2012 or 2013, So This way, your can recycle your traffic, If  You Use WordPress then you can easily do it via your “PUBLISH” widget on the edit post page.

2. Divert traffic from one Best Post to another best

If two of your posts have one thing in common either Coveted Topic or High-traffic gainer then you need to identify or develop the joining link between both two, this would give you two advantage, people who read it will also divert to that post. Secondly, site owners with Bounce Rate problems can improve their immediate bounces of visitors to great extent. This Link Cycle will help your One lower rank page to give weightage to greater Rank page, which is very positive for more traffic


How to identify that joining link ?

Step 1 : Think of two points common in both posts

Topic 1 : Make the Best use of your Smartphone

Topic 2 : Best ways to save battery time for your smartphone

Here, Best use and Smartphone are two common points which can be interlinked in both the posts.


Step 2 : One of Which Ever post you are writing, insert such a line which accommodates the issue of the second post, and enter link mentioning “You May also read how to  XXXXXXXX here

3. Give Link of your best posts inside new post

Write Posts on which you can leverage with your old Best posts, Design your topics in such a way, like if you have a hit Post about “Saving Battery” you should write a post on “10 ways to maintain a smartphone”, so you can insert a line such as “Your Phone Maintenance will be incomplete without Battery Management, You may learn to see Battery management procedure here” This will get your link-juice rolling within your site.

4. Use a good related posts plugin

There are a lot of plugins which are automated to show posts with similar keywords in WordPress, Joomla etc. These Plugins collect posts on same topic, product, service, issue problems, so when users scroll down, the highest possibility will be that they want to read another of your article on the same topic/issue.

These ways will definitely, channelize your traffic within your site and attract new visitors to your old but gold Posts giving you more traffic