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Top 10 BlackBerry Apps of 2011


Mobile phone – the cheapest communication device so far available has considerably reduced the distance between people. A giant leap in the mobile phone industry is truly the development of smartphones that are equivalent to a full fledged laptop. The development of ‘apps’ or ‘applications’ for smartphones is yet another major breakthrough in the mobile phone industry. Apps of different types ranging from games and music to health and fitness are available for download on the market.

Mobile Phone Apps and its Uses

  • Mobile phone apps are useful both for personal and official purposes. A smart phone with all necessary apps in it is indeed a one stop solution for all requirements. Apps have made all server based and PC applications out-dated. Businessmen can now work efficiently even on the move. Mobile applications require very little hardware compared to computers. Apps are always connected to the internet.
  • Some of the latest developments happening in the mobile phone industry are mainly the development of apps such as chase mobile applications that are built for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones. This application is suitable for personal, commercial and also for business purposes. Mobile phone users can get details about online banking, investments, loans, insurance, transaction history and personal account balances through apps.
  • GPS helps the users to keep themselves in track and also details them of the location. Cell ID system and Wi-Fi also assist the user when the GPS doesn’t work. Pictures that are taken from digital cameras of the smartphones can be geo tagged too. Users can stay connected with their friends and business partners always with social networking sites available on smartphones.
  • Apps are developed not only for personal and social purpose but also for business activities, games, internet, personal activities, work reports and a lot more can be done with apps in a smart phone.

Let us take a glance at some of the BlackBerry mobile phone apps that have so far taken the top 10 places during the current year – 2011.

1. BlackBerry Travel

Black Berry Travel

BlackBerry Travel is built for the travelers out there who would long to enjoy an uninterrupted holiday trip. This is all-in-one service for the BlackBerry users. This app keeps the user updated with the details of flight timings and others. This app helps the users to get information regarding flight changes and cancellations and also to re-book for the hotels and flights from this app. Users can search for the best eateries and other shops in different locations from Yelp of this app. Users of this phone can not only make use of the currency converter, but also be well informed in advance about 5 day weather conditions. Users can thus plan their trip and manage their travel activities well in advance.

2. Schedule Send

Blackberry Schedule Send

This is a SMS and email app that helps the user to set in advance when the user wants to send an email or SMS. The date and time to send a message can be set in advance so that the user need not be out of words at the time of emergency. Messages thus stored can also be easily edited before delivery. This app is 100 per cent reliable for those who plan their work suitably.

3. Runtastic Pro

Blackberry Rustastic Pro

Runtastic Pro is developed to keep the mobile phone user in a healthier way. It keeps track of the workouts by calculating the number of calories spent and also by maintaining a training log of the person. This app is mainly designed for those who workout by walking, cycling and exercising regularly. Users can get voice feedback and comments regarding the workout. There is a heart rate monitor too. Total distance covered, calories burnt, map of the run, maximum speed taken, details of each kilometre covered and more are covered by Runtastic Pro. Additional comments also can be added such as type of road used to run, temperature and so on.

4. Excuse Generator

Blackberry Excuse Generator

Excuse Generator generates excuses automatically for any situation. For example, if the user is not able to make up for work or is not able to attend a party for any reason. This is useful when the user does not know what he must do under tight situations.

5. Mega Tower Assault

Blackbery Mega Tower Assault

Mega Tower Assault is a game app on BlackBerry version that gives chance for the player to build, upgrade or to capture the eight towers apart from different types of enemies. The eight different types of towers can be used to defend the player. This game is designed with 12 maps in 4 different settings such as snow, beach, lava and platform.

6. BlackBerry Protect

Blackberry Protect

BlackBerry Protect is indeed a useful app for the BB(BlackBerry) users. Think how…? This app traces the stolen or lost BlackBerry mobile phone on a map. This is a free application to find the lost BlackBerry smartphone and also to keep the information secure. Password can be set and sensitive data on the mobile phone can be erased off remotely. Data stored in the lost phone can be backed up wirelessly on daily, weekly or monthly basis. A loud screaming sound can also be played in order to just scare away the person holding the phone or to just know where the phone is placed. A message may also be displayed on the screen by locking it so that the finder of the phone can give the details of it to the owner. It can then be located on the map or may be got it from the finder himself.

In case, a BlackBerry smartphone gets lost then the owner of the phone can log in to the BlackBerry Protect website and lock it. This website can also be used if the loser is sure that he will not get back his BlackBerry smartphone. The loser can easily delete all the information on the smartphone and also from microSD card.

BlackBerry Protect also restores the device settings, contact details and others that have been backed up from the earlier device.

7. Bunny Buster

Blackberry Bunny Buster

This is a game app for the game lovers out there. It is a good time killer. This is also a good memory test play especially for the students. This game is similar to the ‘Whack-a-mole’ game that revolves around hitting some helpless hares over their head. The player is expected to hit the color hoppers in the same order within a minute. This play checks how well the user is able to time up with the game.

8. Launch Pad

Blackberry Launch Pad

Launch Pad gives an idea to create icons of their favorite sites right on the homescreen itself. Users can reorganize programs in the way he likes. Favorites can be stored according to the taste of the user. This method saves time of the user when searching for the website overall again. Users can customize their homescreen according to the way he needs so that he can reach it in just a tap. Upto 25 icons can be stored on the homescreen. However, this app is compatible with Blackberry running the operating system with version 5 and below.

9. PixTrix

Blackberry PixTrix

PixTrix allows the user to set double exposure and saturation. Photos can be shared among friends through Facebook easily by just linking the app with the user’s profile. It is not possible to take photos from within PixTrix but can be used to browse for a photo from it. Users can apply professional filters to the photos they have taken and share it with others. PixTrix is ad-supported and gives the photos that are searching for. Tweaks to contrast, brightness, saturation and hue can be made.

10. Home Screen Notes

Blackberry Home Screen Notes

Home Screen Notes is build mainly for those who tend to forget even the most important things easily. Users can make note of the most important things that are to be done on the homescreen itself. This indirectly helps in saving the trees from the use of paper. Reminders and quick notes can be set right on the BlackBerry homescreen. There are automated notes generated for the user and also custom fonts and colors. This method is easier than setting tasks for important activities.

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Fastest Ways To Download Android APK files To PC

Fastest Ways To Download Android APK files To PC

Android apps come compiled in an installer package known as “APK”. It is actually the extension of the package (.apk). Although Google allows its Android users to download the apps directly from the Google’s Play Store, but there are some reasons due to which you want to download the installer from 3rd party and manually install it on your Android device. If Play Store says that a particular app is not compatible with your device even when it is, if particular app is not available in your region then downloading the apk file is of your concern. Following are the easiest and fastest ways to download android APK files to PC.

3rd Party Websites

Apart from Play Store, there are many websites which allow you to download almost all the apps available on Play Store manually. If you want to download modified apps for some new experience for your device then these websites are like heaven for you.


Among these websites, the best are those which offer you a number of apps to be downloaded in the fastest possible way. Some of the best sites are ApkMirror,  AppsApk,  Apk4Fun, CrackApk and On Hax. Note that these are third party websites so they do not have any link with Google. If any unfortunate problems arise from these sites Google won’t take responsibility of that.

APK Downloader Chrome Extension

APK Downloader is an extension available on Google Chrome’s Web Store. It is more like a Desktop play Store to download android APK files to PC. It downloads the apk package on your computer to be manually installed on Android device later, instead of directly downloading the app on your device through over the air system like Play store do on any web browser.


It is one of the fastest and most reliable ways. You have to pay for the paid apps like you do in Play Store. Apart from all, it is a Google’s product so you do not have to worry about any malware or malicious apps.


Evozi is also a website from where you can download .apks, but is totally different from the websites mentioned above. It uses a totally different approach to let you download android APK files to PC.


Instead of searching through sites for your required apk, you just simply need to open the app on Play Store, copy its link and paste it into the link bar on evozi. Evozi will then extract apk installer from the app from Play Store and make it available to you within seconds.

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How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Media Files From Phone

recover deleted whatsapp media

Whatsapp is one of the leading messaging apps available for different kinds of smartphones powered by iOS, Android, Windows, and Symbian. It provides users a convenient way of communication through which we can exchange voice messages, text messages,  photos, videos and much more with workmates, friends and family members flexibly. As smartphone brings up a smart responsive touch screen, the Whatsapp attachments and messages are often deleted by mistake. If you’re looking for solutions to recover deleted Whatsapp media on Android, then after reading this article you will be able to recover your deleted Whatsapp media files.


How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Media

This application provides the built-in backup feature itself; that helps the user to recover deleted Whatsapp media files and chat history using the backup file. With the help of this backup file, you can easily restore deleted videos, photos, audios and text messages from android phones or other android devices. To restore deleted data from backup files, uninstall and reinstall the Whatsapp application this will use the backup files to recover some of your deleted Whatsapp media files.

Prevent Your Whatsapp Data From Being Overwritten

In case to recover deleted Whatsapp media files the first thing you need to do is, stop using applications and Internet services on your android phone as soon you realise you have deleted your Whatsapp media. Because new flowing data can easily overwrite the space of deleted or missing media files in no time that makes it almost impossible to recover deleted media files.

Types Of Recovering Deleted Whatsapp Media

There are tow basic types to recover deleted Whatsapp media and text messages:

  • By manual restoring methods.
  • By using 3rd party software applications to recover deleted Whatsapp media and text messages.

How To Recover Whatsapp Messages and Media Manually

To recover deleted Whatsapp media files manually connect your Android phone to the computer. Go to the database location on your SD card i.e., (sdcard-> WhatsApp->Database). In the database, it would be mentioned as, “msgstore-YYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” copy-paste all the required data from Android phone to the computer.

Now create a backup of your “msgstore.db.crypt” file to prevent the mishap. Put back that file now to your android phone. Finally, now Un-install and re-install your Whatsapp. When you are done, it will promote your Whatsapp to recover all the database and media files.

Recover Deleted Media From Whatsapp Via Third Party Services

To recover deleted Whatsapp media via third party services try following tools given below:


This app can retrieve, recover and scan deleted Whatsapp media from internal storage and SD card of your Android phone. This app can Restore every file that has not been overwritten. It works with images, documents, music, video, binaries, and archives. It will automatically Save files to Google Drive, Dropbox, and SD card.


If you are not able to operate the root access of the Android phone, then use Recuva app (you can use either paid or free version). Connect your phone to the computer. This application requires selecting the file you want to recover then select (Sdcard/Whatsapp/Media). After applying this method, the app will recover all the data in no time.


Using CardRecovery is completely safe and risk-free. This software executes Read-Only operations on your SD card. It doesn’t modify, delete or move the data on the SD card to prevent it from further damage or overwriting. It can recover deleted Whatsapp media from the source SD card and saves them to the destination you determine.

PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is a recovery software with support for FAT and NTFS file systems. It recovers files and media with the original time and date label, even when a header entry is deleted. On FAT systems, the software finds separations automatically, even if the FAT or boot sector has been damaged or deleted. PC Inspector File Recovery provides an easy to use interface that scans your Android phone through the computer and automatically finds the files that can be recovered from a “Deleted” folder.

Asoftech data recovery software

It is a data recovery application that offers an easy Whatsapp media recovery solution to recover deleted, lost or formatted media files from your Android phones. You can recover deleted Whatsapp media files worldwide easily on your computer. So it’s not necessary to visit data recovery centres, looking for specialists. You can quickly perform a data recovery and media recovery even sitting at you home.

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How VoLTE Could Help Online Businesses


Online businesses rely on the latest forms of technology to succeed, whether it’s accounting apps or eCommerce software. Networking is a key component of the online business equation, with technology often focusing on this aspect. If you’re an online business owner, you may already use services like VoIP technology to stay in touch with your suppliers, customers, and collaborators. But there’s a new form of technology that’s just arriving now, called VoLTE or Voice over Long Term Evolution. So how does measure up to VoIP, and how can it help online businesses? Just a few purported benefits include cleaner calls, a boost in battery life, and lowered costs, for a start.


VoLTE vs. VoIP

It’s helpful to first take a closer look at how existing VoIP networks differ from the new VoLTE being rolled out by Nokia Networks, Verizon Wireless, and other major carriers. VoIP is what you use when you’re signing on to services like WhatsApp or Skype. It typically uses a third-party app to transmit your voice data in packets across the IP network. An advantage of VoIP is that it can work on any internet-enable network, whether that’s local wireless, 3G, or 4G. By contrast, VoLTE will only work with high-speed LTE. Because of the high speed, there are fewer dropped calls or interruptions in service. Like VoIP, it breaks the voice call down into data packets but sends them across faster for a clearer, crisper call that doesn’t require a third-party app.

Improving overseas communication

For online businesses, communication is vital. Many online businesses may find themselves working with independent contractors overseas, in which case video conferences are important to keep in touch and collaborate together on documents or projects. VoLTE allows you to stay updated regularly with suppliers, investors, and independent contractors, without spending a bundle on international phone calls. The problem with VoIP oftentimes, particularly when traveling, is that you must rely on third-party apps which can translate to hefty data charges abroad. With VoLTE, you can combine your data and voice charges into a single bill, as it’s a subscription service. Because online business owners are often on the move, this helps streamline billing. It’s important to note that at the moment 4G isn’t available globally, so VoLTE will only work in areas where the network can support it.

Fully integrated systems

In addition to potential savings on billing and enhanced international calling ability, another potential benefit from online businesses relates to the variety of messaging systems available. VoLTE can be integrated with PBX systems, which means that business owners have access to voice messaging, video calls, and other services all in one system. At the moment, new devices like the iPhone 6 are able to support VoLTE, with more on the way in 2016.

There’s a lot of potential when it comes to VoLTE, but at the moment, this service is still in the process of being developed. There’s great incentive for telco companies to offer it because it makes billing easier for them as well and is a more cost-effective form of technology than traditional voice networks. And this means that online business owners are bound to reap the benefits.

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