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Some Tips to Boost Alexa Ranking Of Your Site



Alexa became the most important aspect for checking the reputation of a site by the webmasters. If your site has a good Alexa rank then they believe that your site is nice. So, it becomes necessary to get good Alexa rank for every site owner.
The Alexa’s ranking system is based on the visits and page views on your site. There are so many easy ways to achieve it but  I am gonna let you know about some important tips to boost your site’s Alexa rankings.

So here goes the tricks:
1. The first thing you need to do is to register on and add you website there with all the required information such as site’s title, description, contact etc.
2. The second thing you should do is to ask your friends to write reviews for your site on Alexa.
3. Now comes the real trick, download and install Alexa tool bar for your IE or Firefox(whatever you are using). If you are using Google Chrome then install alexa extention.
4. Now Set your website as the home page of your browser. So that whenever you open the browser one visit will be counted by the alexa. You can also keep refreshing you website’s home page after every 2-3 minutes. But here is a problem with this trick.
Suppose you are keep refreshing your page on your pc and you are based in “india” then all the visit wil be counted as Indian click and so that in alexa it would be showing the traffic from India 90% and others 10%. But you can solve this issue by open your sites using proxies and then keep refreshing (after installing alexa toolbar).
5. Put the alexa widget somewhere on site so that every click on your site will be counted as a visit and in this way your rank will be better and better day by day.
Whatever I have described above are the tricks to boost your site’s alexa rank but if you don’t want to play any tricks for this then you just need to write quality content on your blog do its on-page and off page optimization of your site. Gradually your alexa rank will be better.