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Some Super Unique and Cool Android Apps You Should Try!




Google play formerly known as Android Market is overflowing with Android applications. There are countless applications in Android market and if you’re new to Android, chances are more that you might be unaware of certain applications that are pretty useful and interesting too. In this post we’re going to share some interesting, unique and cool Android Apps.

List of Top Cool Android Apps

1. Super video Manager

Cool Android Apps

Samsung recently introduced a floating video player app in Galaxy S3 which floats above all the foreground apps and allows you to watch a video along with browsing or texting. But now you can enjoy the same feature in almost every Android Phone with the help of Super Video Floating and Popup app which is available at Google Play free of cost.


2. Flipboard


Flipboard is a magazine style feed reader which has super smooth and gorgeous interface. Initially, this app was a part of Galaxy Note Smartphone but now developer has made it available to every Android Phone. The application can be downloaded from Google Play free of cost.



3. LiLy Pad HD

Lily Pad HD

Lily Pad is a Floating Window Chat client for Android devices. It works well on mobile with large displays and tablets. You can use Lily Pad to chat with your friends while watching a video or surfing Internet. As of now, it supports Facebook chat, Google talk and Live messenger only. You can download this application from Google Play by paying $2.75.

Requires Android v3.x and up


4. FTL launcher

FTL launcher

The developer of FTL Launcher claims that it is fastest launcher for Android and we too think the same.   If you don’t believe developer’s claim or even us, give FTL launcher a chance to prove itself.



5. N7 music Player

N7 music player

N7 Music player has got eye candy polished interface that is unlike something we haven’t seen so far. With its Pinch to zoom super smooth Interface, it has changed the basic design of Music Players all of which somehow resembles each other. If you’ve Android in your hand, give it a try.


6. Fast for Facebook

Fast for facebook

If you’re fed up with official Facebook Android app, then try out Fast for Facebook app that claims to make Facebook browsing super swift for you. It provides you full Facebook functionality with a much better speed with minimum consumption of mobile resources.



There are hundreds of to do list currently published in Android Market but is something unique that we haven’t seen in any other to-do-list application. Download this free app and make your to-do-list even more achievable.



So these are some Cool Android Apps from Google Play which we find interesting.

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We hope that you like them and if you agree/disagree with our picks or you have some interesting apps to share, please let us know in comments.