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RotatePDF: Free Online Service to Rotate PDF Documents



You have an upside down PDF document. Maybe you scanned a document the wrong way, or you received it from a teammate. Now you want to fix it.

The “rotate” feature of Adobe Reader might be a solution, but it is only a temporary solution. Close Adobe Reader and the PDF is upside down again. You need to rotate your document permanently.

You can also ask Google for free software. There are a lot of. Some of them are genuinely free. Some pretend to be free but will inject a watermark in the rotated document or will just rotate the first few pages. All must be downloaded and installed. Not convenient for a one shot operation. to the rescue! allows you to rotate your PDF documents just nicely:
– Nothing to download and install. is an online service.
– is 100% free on charge. No page limit, no watermark or whatever.
– No registration: use the service immediately.

Go to , pick the PDF document to rotate, select the rotation angle, click a button and download the rotated document.

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