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There are thousands of Pdf to word converter softwares available on net.
But this one is the smallest, much quicker and best of all its FREE. πŸ™‚


I downloaded and tried several converters before I found this Free PDF to Word converter by
This one has probably the simplest user interface and the conversion time is also very impressive comparing others.

One very useful option of this converter is that, you can choose the specific pages to convert from your pdf document.
If your pdf have some text boxes, it can also retain them all in the converted .doc file.

Although the utility is FREE to use, yet it still requires a key to be entered everytime you convert a document.
This so called “Just-For-Once Registration” Code can obviously be taken absolutely FREE from its website:


Just Click the “Get Free Code” button, you’ll be taken to the site, and asked one simple maths question, answering which correctly you’ll get a 24-character code.

Now, Let me tell you one secret trick, to get the key quickly. When you are asked to answer the given calculations, instead of using your head or a calculator, just press “Get my FREE Code” button, leaving the answer field blank!!

On the next page, you’ll see something extremely funny…

Yah! you guessed it right.. the answer is given on the next page, even if you type nothing in the answer field :p
Probably the dumbest security logic, I’ve ever seen on net.. :-p

I guess you are wise enough to figure out yourself, what to do next from this point…. But I think I should explain the next step because we all know that there are some users, who’ll go back to previous page to re-calculate! :p

Okay…Just copy the given answer and then go back, paste it and then Hit “Get my FREE Code” and here you go, your FREE One-time usable Registration code! πŸ™‚

Wanna See this? Go and Get your own one-time usable FREE Registration Code πŸ˜€

In order to convert another document, you’ll have to repeat the procedure to get the code, because the software maintains the records of used codes in your own system…Its not that much dumb! πŸ˜€

DOWNLOAD FREE PDF to Word Converter

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Buy FREE PDF to Word Converter [You wont be asked to enter code again and again if you buy]

There’s another tool available online that I found while searching, in case you don’t want to download any software for this purpose, you can use the online conversion tool at

Have a Nice Day … πŸ™‚