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Internet Tools : Discover Cool New Firefox Addons



While searching for some Firefox addons I was looking for user reviews for a particular addon,I discovered a blog – Rock Your Firefox. is a Web site where you can learn all about how to personalize your Web experience with Firefox. They feature highlights, reviews, feedback, and insights from people around the world who are using Firefox Add-ons to make their Web experience better.

As we know that there are thousands of ways to customize your browser with Firefox Add-ons in categories like social, communication, travel and photos, music and video. An add-on can be a new time-saving sidebar, a shortcut to search, or a themed look. So for anything you spend time doing on the web there’s probably an add-on that makes those activities easier and more enjoyable.

Add-ons are awesome, but many people don’t know how to take full advantage of them. At they review, highlight relevant and helpful Firefox Add-ons on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I’m a fan of Firefox and now a regular reader of RockYourFirefox. I’d like to recommend you all to join them to know the insight reviews of all new and popular addons and see what people are saying about them.