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Remotely Control Your Computer And Its Applications With Mobile Bluetooth



Ever wanted to control your PC via your cell phone using Bluetooth? Well,I’ve just found a really nice java app that can do for you. Not a full remote control,but quite good and fast. It’s Called MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control.


MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control is a Java based application that can easily let you remotely control your PC via your phone.


PC Requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) .Download for (Windows , Linux and Other OS )
  • Mobile Witch Remote Control PC Client ( Direct link )
  • Bluetooth adapter or built in Bluetooth for computer..

Works on any OS as long as JRE is installed ( Tested on Ubuntu )

Mobile Requirements

  • Bluetooth
  • Java supported Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Witch Remote Control app for your phone ( MWRemoteCtrl.jar )  , that one can be found in the installation directory of the PC Client. or simply download it from here.

How to use:

1 – After Installing. go to your applications and find it with the name remote and icon shown below.

2 – search for servers , connect


3 – Choose Mode. there are Mouse Mode, Keyboard More, Application mode and utilities.


Mouse and Keyboard modes You can see the cursor of the mouse moving in your pc, and you can click, you can also see a small region around the cursor in your phone.But It’s a little bit slow. It’s quite the same for the keyboard Mode

4 – Application mode is my favorite.but keep in mind that the application you want to remotely control should be the active one.

eg: you can’ remotely control Windows Media Player if it’s running or playing music in the background. it should be in the foreground.

In application mode,

Explorer : Close Window , Copy , Cut , Paste .


Firefox : Back , Refresh , Next Tab , Close Tab , New Tab , Home , History .

Windows Media Player : Play/Pause , Stop , Previous , Next , Fast Forward , Volume Up , Volume Down , Mute .

Internet Explorer : Back , Refresh , Next Tab , Close Tab , New Tab , Home , History .

Winamp : Play , Pause , Stop , Previous , Next , Volume UP , Volume Down .

PowerPoint :Next Slide , Previous Slide , End Show.


VLC Media Player : Play/Pause , Stop , Previous , Next , Volume Up , Volume Down , Mute , Full Screen .

5 – Utilities, My second Favorite. you can send a message to the computer , or use command line. If you know enough about command line, there’s much that you can do with it. including shutdown the computer using the command

shutdown -f -s -t 00

So, do you have any better apps that can let you remotely control your PC via Bluetooth? please share in comments.