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MacCleaning – Free One-Click Junk File Cleaner for Mac



MacCleaning FREE for Mac

Junk files are temporary files that are created when programs are executed and require some information to be temporarily stored in system. These junk files are not automatically removed by the executed program that generated these files. When left in the system, these junk files not only take precious space in hard drive but also slows down the system performance when hundreds and thousands of them are stored and are totally useless.

For Windows, there is already a superb utility available called CCleaner for cleaning up the junk and temporary files but for Mac there are very few of these apps are known to users. MacCleaning is the perfect utility that we found very impressive for cleaning out those junk files in one click!

The tiny app is so easy to use that is installed as a toolbar on your Mac desktop. From where you can access the options directly and found the one click junk cleaning feature. You can offcourse set the directories paths in the settings to clean out junk only from those folders and drives.

MacCleaning FREE for Mac

MacCleaning is not just a FREE junk file cleaner. There are other several options that make it a must have for every Mac user. The disk space monitor lets you monitor the amount of disk space being used and left. Whenever any of drives in your computers is running out of space, MacCleaning would notify you and recommend to clean out the junk files to free up some space. And you can do that with one click of file cleaning feature.

From the toolbar you can also see the external devices or drives connected to your system, you can not only see the amount of space being occupied by the files inside it but also eject the drives for safe removal in one click!


The handy toolbar feature is really an impressive thing from MacCleaning. If you are on Mac and install and move many files on daily basis, then this utility become a must have for your daily computing tasks. This will not only help you in cleaning out the useless files but also in keeping your system running smoothly!

There are two version of MacCleaning one is free and other is paid one which cost only $9.99 has some advanced features like ejecting all mounted drives in one click and setting custom space value to alarm.

We think that the the free version is best for all levels of users and does the main task of cleaning junk files same as the paid version.

Download MacCleaning

Requires: Mac OS X 10.6 or later