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HalalScape: World’s 1st Islamic Web Browser [FREE]



HalalScape is the world’s 1st Islamic web browser which protects you and your children from adult, gambling, and other porn content on the web. It will automatic block these things and redirect to safe page. Halalscape is not only for Muslims but for everyone.

If you are a parent and worried about your children browsing on standard non-protected browsers. So it’s time to check out Islamic Safe and Secure Dynamic Web Browser. It will protect your children and and your whole family. and good thing is it’s absolutely FREE to use.

With the trends of today’s online community, keeping your kids safe on the internet has never been more challenging. Halalscape  takes a pro-active role in protecting your children from the dangers of the internet.

HalalScape Islamic Browser screenshot

With the in-built parental control tools provided by Halalscape you are  assured that your children will be protected.

The Web browser is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, and  MSN. If a Web page contains explicit content, Halalscape will stop the Web page loading and re-direct the user to a safer page. Plus there is a support for addons as well.