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Download Windows 7 (Seven) Theme/Visual Style for XP



Windows 7 theme/Visual Style for XP

If you don’t want to install complete Windows 7 Transformation pack for your Windows XP and Vista then here is a Theme Pack for your Windows XP that will transform your XP’s Visual Style as of Windows 7.

The theme file doesn’t install or replace anything like a transformation pack does. It just adds a new Windows 7 looking Visual style to the list of your Windows XP’s Desktop Properties so you can enjoy Windows 7 Looks and feel on your Windows XP desktop.

Windows seven (7) Theme/Visual Style for Windows XP
The theme file contains:

  • Visual Style of Windows 7
  • A Windows 7 wallpaper
  • 4 Color Schemes for the theme (Aero32, Aero 48, Basic 32, Basic 48)

Changing these schemes actually changes the placement of “Common Taskbar” in Windows Explorer.


Download Windows 7 Theme/Visual Style for XP

[Creator: Vishal Gupta | DevianArt]

Windows Vista users click here to get the same Windows 7 theme


NOTE: To install this theme you have to make Windows XP able to install themes with a double click without any need of a third party tool. Click here to Learn how.