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Create Unique Facebook Cover Photos at TrickedOutTimeline



Facebook captured the buzz on the internet a few months back when they dumped their old profile page and introduced an entirely unique new profile, better known as the Facebook Timeline. Upon its arrival, the Timeline met with mixed reviews from the Facebook users all over the world. Among various features, the feature that garnered the most interest and admiration was the concept of the cover photo. People put a lot of thought and spend lots of time to generate a catchy cover photo. So, Impress your friends by creating interactive and fancy Facebook cover photos using TrickedOutTimeline!

Fancy Facebook Cover Photos with TrickedOutTimeline

 TrickedOutTimeline is a website that aids the users in creating unique and fancy Facebook cover photos that attract some eyes to their Facebook profiles . This can be done using any of their 4 photo effects available as you can see below.

fancy facebook cover photos

To begin, you have to select your desired effect and click on it. Next, you can either upload a new photo or use your existing Facebook cover photo to create your photo using your selected photo effects. Once you have done that, you will have to select the portion of the photo that you want to keep as your cover photo, similar to the way you do on Facebook.

You can see the preview on the right hand side. Click “Done” and you’ll be taken to the page where all you’ll have to do is “Like” TickedOutTimeline‘s Facebook page in order to download your Cover photo and your Profile picture. Facebook page promotion at its finest, one must assume. Anyway, download your photos and you have it, use them on your profile and make it look better than ever!

Have fun to be creative. 🙂