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Can You Get Targeted Traffic from StumbleUpon?



StumbleUpon is a social media website that helps in sharing and discovering great websites. The name suggests that it helps people “stumble upon” new and interesting things on the web.The user provides his personal preferences which are matched to provide highly rated websites to the user when the “Stumble” tab is clicked.

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These websites are those that are highly preferred by the like-minded users. The user can also rate pages and get them shared with like-minded friends. Stumble Ads feature help to direct traffic to the websites. Anybody with a website can reach the 10 million plus audience through ads in Stumble.

Targeted Traffic through StumbleUpon

The main aim of any online business is to get targeted traffic so as to drive users to their own website. Especially, on my discount coupon blog which features autotrader and jupiter discount codes, targeted traffic is certainly a must to make those Stumblers into buyers (through our discount coupon codes).

The most important thing to remember in StumbleUpon is that you should never try to hard-sell your website or blog. Indeed, always remember that nobody wants to buy in StumbleUpon. What you can do effectively is to recommend your website or blog to the users. With a bit of patience, you can easily target traffic to your website.

One needs to maintain a good relationship with the users of StumbleUpon. After you become a part of the community, you can participate in the various online events and post discussions. When you feel that the post of any user is relevant to yours what you can do is comment on the post and then put up the URL of your post.


It should be kept in mind that, while sharing, it is better and more effective to share your post URL rather than the home URL. The users find it disgusting and naive to dig through your website and find the specific post. Internet time and speed are important to all internet users. Many users may abandon you when they do not get what they are looking for in a short time.

StumbleUpon is a kind of collaborating filtering machine that recommends users. You must keep in mind that there should be a “WOW” factor in whatever you post. If the zing is missing then you really need to get back to work. SEO calls this link baiting. The whole process and success lies in converting the visitors to either subscribers or linkers or buyers.

If you are hiring some SEO expert at $5000 for good quality content and link baiting, then it is suggested to spend an extra $200 and send it to StumbleUpon. This $200 is to get access to the results. You get to know whether your work is really interesting for your community members.

Lastly, begin using the StumbleUpon toolbar. It will help you to become familiar with the members and give you a good understanding of how StumbleUpon works. This will lead to more fruitful and effective marketing efforts from your part. In addition, it will also genuinely show the community that you are committed.

StumbleUpon for Long Term Goals

If you are thinking to sign up today and enjoy the benefits within the next couple of days then you better not register. StumbleUpon is not for short term goal seekers. It requires a bit of patience and positive attitude to seek success in StumbleUpon.


Taking regular action is the key to success here. Using the right approach is important in StumbleUpon. It is a business model and there are many who used the wrong approach and failed.

Just putting up your blog or website URL won’t help you. You should contribute to the community. This serves the dual purpose of making friendship and getting noticed by the fellow users. StumbleUpon is all about a global social community, thus one cannot succeed without following it.

You may attempt to use short term techniques but surprisingly they won’t work out. The one thing that many online marketers do is, to start something and fail to finish it and that is what you are advised to avoid at StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon truly lives up to its name of surprising users with the content that is delivered to them when they hit upon Stumble. It also successfully and most importantly fulfils its aim of directing traffic to one’s own website. Patience, a good strategy and a bit of work will compound to sweet success in the long term at StumbleUpon.

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