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3 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 8 To Watch Videos on Desktop



3 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 8

YouTube is arguably the world’s best video and media site. There are hundreds of video clips spanning across a plethora of categories being uploaded each minute; YouTube’s literally got a lot of action. YouTube has become the one-stop destination for music and video lovers and anyone looking to have a fun time.

Obviously, users of Windows 8 too would want a full-featured app and client for YouTube on Windows 8, especially the Windows RT tablet users. Even though Google has mentioned that it isn’t into developing an official app on the Windows 8 platform, the Windows Store is already having a number of good third-party apps for YouTube.So here are some great YouTube apps for Windows 8, the best three to be precise, to all Windows 8 users.


Best Youtube Apps For Windows 8

1. Primetube

3 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 8PrimeTube is easily one of the top most YouTube clients for Windows 8. Users can view, upload or download videos easily all thanks to the simple user interface. Uploading videos too doesn’t take too much time. You can view your subscriptions, and even edit your favorites or lists on your YouTube account. It directly supports multitasking; there are various viewing modes that let you watch videos and work side by side. Sharing videos too is dead simple. You can set the quality of videos- from Low or Medium to high Quality.

2. YouTube Player

YouTube Player categorizes videos to help you get the most out of the popular videos- Trends, Top Rated and Most Viewed. The first thing you’ll’ compliment the developers for is the navigational menu and interface for this app. Videos can be played in full screen mode as well. Advanced settings can be configured in the app, including viewing and editing your YouTube favorites. The best part could be that the whole app can be minimized on the Start screen as an icon and you can simultaneously work while watching YouTube videos.

3. YourTube 8

YourTube 8 is a very simple and easy-to-use as well as configure to watch your favorite YouTube videos on a Windows 8 system. The process of searching for YouTube videos by keyword, channel, category and type has been simplified in this app. The UI is very minimalistic and elegant. The Search function is also quite extensive in this app.

So, these were the 3 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 8 users. If you’ve got any other application and have used it, please do share about it with us in the comments section below.