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Best Junk File and Registry Cleaner in your USB Flash Drive



CCleaner is by far the most popular junk and registry file cleaner of all. The freeware is small and takes a very little space. We hadd already reviewed the features of CCleaner in past.

You may already know the desktop version of the all time popular CCleaner. But make sure you’ve also got the portable version of CCleaner as well.

CCleaner 3.0.4

From finding and deleting broken items in the Windows Registry, CCleaner Portable cleans out bits of Internet Explorer that can compromise your privacy (such as the cache and cookies), deletes chkdsk file fragments, manages restore points, and does an assortment of other tasks.

The portable version is a single executable file that doesn’t require any installation. You can carry it in your flash drive and directly execute from the drive without even copying to the system. There’s no difference in the feature and functions between full standard and portable version of CCleaner.

Download CCleaner Portable