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10 Best Business Cloud-Based Services and Software Tools Which Every Business Owner Should Know



In this era of technology, the online market is booming with a plethora of websites. In such a scenario, running an online business is nothing less than a herculean task. Contrary to the popular notion that business does not require many efforts outside the core processes involved, the fact is that when it comes to the online arena, there is much that needs all the attention. Running an online business successfully without the help of software tools and web services is nearly impossible.

Business Software Tools

Tools and web services form an indispensable part of the website’s existence. They help to create and store documents. Mentioned below are the top 10 business software tools and web services that can effectively help in boosting a small and medium sized business. By utilizing some of these tools, a business can make the most in terms if functionality, performance and ROI.

1. Accounting Software

Invoicera is an online billing and invoicing app which can be a very useful tool for any business when it comes to financial management. Invoicera provides you with much essential business and invoicing related features such as time and expense tracking, invoice scheduling, recurring with auto-billing capabilities and soon Invoicera is going to launch its android app with which you can invoice your clients and track your time and expenses while on the fly. It takes only a few clicks to do things like cutting a check to bill a client.

2. Blogging tool

In today’s time, a business can maximize its profit with the help of a blog. WordPress is an effective blogging tool that can be used to update company and product news. WordPress can be installed easily within no time. It is quite easy to use and contribute in helping a business. It is available without any cost.

3. Collaboration/Office Suite

Google Docs is one of the wonderful collaboration tools with the help of which you can share files simultaneously and collaborate on them in real time. It is a free service that offers a word processor and a spreadsheet. You can also upgrade to the premium edition that brings extra space with it and also a conference-room scheduling system


4. CRM

You should remember that customer relationship management is an important aspect of online business and deserves required attention. With the help of effective customer relationship management even a single person shop can benefit by managing the sales process, tracking leads, and ensuring that follow-ups are done in time. is a good service. It offers a large number of features and is reasonably priced. You just need some training and patience to get a hang of it.

5. Backup and Recovery

It is imperative to back up files on a regular basis to an external hard drive. It ensures that if in any unfortunate incident, you lose all the data, you always have the back up to bank on. Mozy is an online backup service that automatically archives whatever you find safe enough across the internet. You just need to select what all you want to be backed up and rest will be done by Mozy. It is available at a reasonable price.

6. E-Commerce Service

Yahoo Small Business is a tool that offers things like templates and wizards to credit-card processing and sales-tax collection. In fact, it is available at a very reasonable price.

7. Collaboration

Vyew is a tool with the help of which anyone can host an Internet session that lets scattered colleagues work together on a project in real time. It is a web conferencing platform that provides you a simple whiteboard where you can upload documents for discussion or can create fresh designs.

8. Calendar

Sunbird is a well-known calendar tool on which most of the businesses rely heavily for scheduling. It is a simple application which has  day, week, and mon