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10 Simple Steps to Improve Your Internet Speed for better VoIPing



Free international calls using VoIP

VoIP is the new technology that uses internet connection to transmit data via internet lines in the form of digital signals. This is why television and telephone service have become dependent on the high-speed internet. The telephone and television services working through internet are called VoIP and IP TV service.

Free international calls using VoIP

The benefit of this technology is that we can get all three services in one line.
Most of the people call their IP TV and VoIP phone service providers in case of any problem. The fact is that most of the problems in these services occur because of a problem in your internet.

As VoIP phone and IP TV share the same internet line, it becomes a basic necessity of life to keep the internet connection running in really good speed.
You can improve your internet performance without any help, if you follow the 10 points given.

1. Get Closer to Your Modem: This helps when you are using a wireless broadband service. All you need is to keep your phone; TV and computer get closer to your wireless modem. It costs nothing but most of the times it improves the speed.

2. Check the Line Extensions: Another problem is that of line extension. It means the distance of phone line that allows the placement of phone jacks in a house or office. Most of the times, these line extensions and jacks have problems. A minor problem even in one extension may disturb your phone, TV as well as internet service.


3. Attach the router to the Main Socket: The only formula to increase or boost the speed of your internet is to decrease the distance between your router and your main phone socket. To achieve this, you should use a cable as short as possible.

4. Check Other Devices: Sometimes other devices at home or office cause disturbance in your internet service so you had better check them also. Just turn off all the devices one by one and then turn them on. See when your internet connection is disturbed.

5. Try a Cable/Wire: Although, using internet via a cable does not provide that much flexibility but as a trial, you should try it for a few minutes.

6. Install Updates: See if your computer’s operating system is the latest one. See if any updates are available for it. Sometimes, modem also needs updates in its firmware. This can be confirmed from your internet service provider also.

7. Secure your Password: Confirm if your wireless internet password is 100% secure. It is possible that someone in your neighbors may detect your easy password and use your internet service. You should not only make sure that your password is protected but also make sure that it is not on your dog’s name or something easy like that.


8. Change Your Browser: Sometimes internet slows down because of a problem in your browser. Although, there are many browsers available in the market but my experience is that Google chrome is faster than all other browsers. However, you can try different browsers to check if it helps.

9. Replace Your Modem: Old modems are also a cause of slow internet speed. You had better change your modem after every one or two years.

10. Call Your Service Provider: Obviously, if nothing works, you should call your voip provider. See if they give any acceptable reply otherwise you had better change your internet service provider.

These 10 steps will definitely help you improve your internet speed and ultimately the result will be a better performance of your VoIP phone service and IP television service.