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Yahoo Search Pad: Save Links/Notes Online While Searching



Web Searching is the most frequent task we do on internet, but sometimes searching something requires a lot of saving. You need to save links you visit, take notes while searching and organizing the links for later view. Either you bookmark the links for review or you open a notepad file in behind to save the text/links from your search results.

What about an online notepad that not only automatically saves the links you visit while searching but also allows you to save notes? And What if the notepad is right beside the search results within the browser? Sounds interesting.. isn’t it?
Yahoo! Search is the first one to thought of this and came up with a online notepad with starts working as soon as you search anything on Yahoo Search! called “Search Pad”.

Part of New Yahoo! Search, Search Pad is a note taking application built into Yahoo! Search that automatically assists you in saving websites you visit and taking notes as you search. Search Pad helps you collect, edit, organize, save, print, and email your notes for immediate or future use.

Save links while web searching Yahoo Search

Search Pad is helpful in completing tasks and making decisions that require collecting information over multiple search sessions such as making a large purchase, planning a vacation or gathering information on a health issue.

Now you can save, organize, and take notes on your searches. Access your saved searches from anywhere and also Share/email your notes with others.


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Now Go and Start Searching anything on Yahoo Search! and Explore Yahoo! Search Pad.