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Offers Giving Away FREE Pro Accounts for 1 Year!



As you know is one the best tools to track visitors on your website in real-time. You get the basic tracking widget and some basic features for free with the sign up.

But with a Pro account, you not only get dozens of other professional tracking widgets and stats but also you are in control of everything. Everything is customizable. You can Insert your own logo, re-arrange dashboard stats anyway you like, choose colors for each stat. The possibilities are endless!

Recently they started giving away their Pro account for their existing customers. All you have to do is to sign up to their mailing list and they will draw random names every month to give pro accounts for FREE.

Remember: You won’t find this give away on their site unless you sign up and view your stats.

When you view your site’s stats from your free account, you will see this message:

So Hurry up, Go and enter your email address now to enter the draw!

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