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Update Your Blogger Blog Through Emails



Very few of users know that they can update their blogs through emails easily. If for any reason you can’t access or unable to update your blog using third party blog post editors there is a convenience of email posting that blogger offers.

By default this email posting feature is turned off on all new blogs but if you want to enable this follow the instructions:

1. Login to and choose the blog (if you have multiple blogs in your account) for which you want to enable email posting.

2. Click small envelope icon beside blog’s title.

3. On a pop-up set a secret word of your choice.

After setting up a secret word would make an email address like this:


Keep the email address secret as this would be a public email address and anyone from anywhere send an email to update your blog by sending an email to this email address. So keep this in safe place and give only to a trustworthy.

To update your blog through email posting:

1. Create a new email from any email address.
2. Add your secret email address of your blog in recipient’s address box.
3. Put in some Subject because that would be the title of the post.
4. Write the text in the email body and that would be the text of the post.

You can also attach images in your posts by attaching the images in email as attachments.

That’s it! A very convenient way to update your blog. This is very handy if you receive an email related to your blog’s niche so instead of copying whole email message and downloading the images attached with it, you can directly forward it your blog as your next blog post 🙂