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100% Working Tweaks and Tricks to Maximize uTorrent Download Speed [Ultimate Settings Guide]


Bittorrent is a very fast way to share data on internet, however you have to configure your bittorrent client the right way to achieve the maximum download speeds. In this article, you’ll get to learn some tweaks and tricks to speed up your bittorrent client downloading. This article explains how to set utorrent efficiently to optimize download speed and other ways to speed up utorrent and increase utorrent download speed.

Ultimate Guide to increase uTorrent Download Speed

The tweaks below are performed on uTorrent, which you can download from Don’t worry If you have any other bittorrent client, you can still find the similar options if you browse the preferences of your client.

There are so many randoms tricks & tweaks available on internet which are confusing and most of the users get confused which one to read and follow. We’ve read almost all those tweaks and applied and tested on our system to see which one is working. We compared the test results on different system and found some of them are always working on any type of internet connection. So instead of putting all those randomly we are breaking it down to some easy steps to follow.

Step 1 : Testing Your Internet Speed

Now first of all, you need to know your ISP’s download and upload speed. Visit Run the test by clicking the yellow pyramid on the map. This will run the speed test with the closest server near your location.

Testing Internet Speed

Allow it to run the test for few seconds. After it’s done note down the download and upload speed. We’ll need it later to set up in uTorrent.

Step 2 : Setting up Speed Limits in uTorrent

1. Open uTorrent, Press Ctrl+P (to open preferences).

2. From left column, choose “Bandwidth

3. On right pane, under “Global Upload Rate Limiting“, set the value lower than your upload speed you noticed in Step 1. Like if you have 1Mbps of upload speed then you should set the upload limit something lower than that, like 800-900kbps. Like in the screenshot in step 1 it’s showing 0.26Mbps (or 266kbps) of upload speed then in uTorrent it should be set to something below this speed, like 240-250kbps.

uTorrent Bandwidth Settings

4. But for the “Global Download Rate Limiting“, it should be set to Unlimited. Set it to 0 (which means unlimited), to experience the maximum speed. However you can set a limit if you’re parallely downloading something else and want to save bandwidth for that process too.

Step 3 : Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is another important aspect you need to keep in mind to gain maximum download speed. Port forwarding means to dedicate a port address for downloading any data without interruption. In this case we are dedicated a port for bittorrent downloads. To test if a port is forwarded for your system, see this article to learn about port forwarding and setting it up for your uTorrent client:

Increase Torrent Download Speed- The Easy Way!

If you can’t find any port for your system, it’s still fine and you can download with good speed until the green tick mark is shown in uTorrent status bar in right bottom. If it’s yellow or red, there’s a problem with your internet connection or configuration that you need to look. This usually happens due to firewall blockage,  which is found to be the biggest cause of low download speed.

Step 4 : Checking Windows Firewall Settings

The most common mistake users do is they never check whether their bittorrent client is allowed to connect to internet. If you’re using default windows firewall then there’s no need to worry about as uTorrent set an exception automatically when it’s installed. But if there’s a third party firewall program or internet security suite installed then check its firewall settings and allowed programs list to see if uTorrent is added in the white list or Exception lists.

Step 5 : Configuring Basic Settings

These are the main tweaking steps which can result in a noticeable increase in speed. For some people only few of these could work, but you can perform all the tweaks below to see the maximum speed possible. It is possible that your bittorrent client settings are already configured at optimal settings. So it is strongly recommended to check the download speed after performing each tweak. You never know if a wrong configuration slows down the speed instead of increasing. In this way you can easily undo the step If you experience slower speed than usual.

Here are the random tweaks you can perform. After each tweak resume the downloading and observe the download speed for atleast 5 mins to see how it’s performing.

  • In Windows, Goto Network & Sharing Center, Open Local Area Connection Status > open the Properties > and uncheck “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP /IPv6)” and save the settings.

Local Area Connection Settings

  • Open uTorrent’s preferences (Ctrl+P). On left column choose “Bittorrent” and from right pane, set “Protocol Encryption Outgoing” to FORCED and check mark the “Allow Incoming Legacy Connections“. This will make all your outgoing and incoming packets fully encrypted, except for tracker communications. Peers who are using a torrent software that doesn’t support encryption are dropped. Avoid doing this for torrents with low peers/seeds.

uTorrent Protocol Encryption

  • Disable UTP by going to Options > Preferences > Bittorrent > Enable Bandwidth Management [uTP] > uncheck it.
  • If you’re downloading one torrent at a time. Set some higher number of connections in Options > Preferences > Bandwidth > Number of Connections. Like 300-400. If it’s slowing down the speed, lower it down in steps of 25 and experiment. Keep the number at minimum if multiple torrents are in the downloading list.

uTorrent Number of Connection Settings

  • If you have a proxy server such as a local ISP’s one, then set the Proxy server in Options > Preferences > Connection. Under ‘Proxy Server‘, select the Type as HTTP and specify your proxy and port. Check the box ‘Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections“.

Step 6 : Tweaking Advanced Settings

Now the settings below are advanced ones and usually it’s not recommended to change if your speed is fine. After applying above mentioned tweaks if you are unable to see any increase then you’re allowed to proceed to alter these advanced settings. These can be accessed by going to Preferences > Advanced.

uTorrent Advanced Settings


peer.lazy_bitfield – to false
net.max_halfopen value to 50
bt.transp_disposition value to 255
bt.tcp_rate_control to false.
peer.disconnect_inactive_interval value to 300-600. (experiment with this)

Step 7 : Adding More Trackers

You can add more public tracker to get more seeds and peers.

  1. Open uTorrent and select the torrent by clicking on the torrent name from the list.
  2. Click on the General tab below.
  3. There should be a field labeled Hash near to the bottom with a string of alphanumeric characters.uTorrent Hash Tag
  4. Right-click the string and click Copy.
  5. Open and paste the value into the search box and hit enter.
  6. There should be a few result of particularly exact same torrent from all the torrent sites with this Hash tag.
  7. Download the torrent from all sites and open it in uTorrent. You will get a pop up box saying: “The torrent you’re trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?
  8. Simply click “Yes”  to add the trackers.

Now your torrent will get more seeds and peers resulting in more speed.

Step 8 : Testing Download Speed

Download any torrent with good amount of seeds and peers. Stop the downloading, change one setting at a time (explained in Step 5 and 6), resume downloading and observe for 5 minutes atleast to notice the speed and before applying any other tweaking. Again, do not make all the changing in one go!

If it’s still slow, try downloading a different torrent. A high ratio of seeds to leechers (Eg. 2000 seeds to 10 leechers) will make a big difference in speeds. And keep an eye on the status bar, make sure there is a green tick at the right bottom of status bar in uTorrent.

Hope this guide would help you in tweaking your bittorrent client to achieve maximum possible downloading speed. We’d love to know your feedback on this. Please add your tips or tricks in the comments below if you think we’ve missed any.

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Lost Data From iPhone? Reasons and Steps For Recovery [Infographic]

Lost Data From iPhone

Well, if you have lost data from iPhone, it is highly likely that you may become a victim of this data loss from your iPhone for some reasons which you have not come across as of yet. And since your mobile serves to be the hub of most of your precious data, you would definitely not want to encounter anything like this, right?

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Data which is a digital form of information stored on your iPhone is always vulnerable to losses. Whether they are the highly important WhatsApp messages, videos, and photos that carry amazing memories, highly sensitive contacts or anything else that is stored in your mobile; you are always at a risk of losing all of it in just one go!

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Causes for Data Loss from iPhone

There is not one or two but many causes that lead to the lost data from iPhone. To provide you with a better picture, we have divided the causes in an order which accounts the most to the least. So, let’s take a look at the list:

Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion accounts for around 35% of all the losses that happen with the users of iPhone. While some deletion happens in a haste and other unknowingly; be it any form, it is the cause which tops the list of all the losses!

Water Damage

We are sure that you must have come across this term several times. Unsurprisingly, it is the second leading cause which accounts for 15% of the data loss among the iPhone users that abandon them with their precious data.

Failed iOS Upgrade or Jailbreak

Standing par to par with Water damage, the failed attempt of jailbreaking or up gradation of iOS also leads to the lost data from iPhone and accounts for 15% among the iPhone users.

Restoring to Factory Setting

It accounts for around 10% of the total losses because we most cases forget to back up the data before pressing that button!

Virus Attack

With only accounting for 5% of total losses, the Virus attack is the least leading factor of the losses of data from your iPhone.

You can find further details and stats by looking at the following infographic which contains absolutely everything which you would want to know.

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How to Make Sure the Article You Have is plagiarism free?

how to check plagiarism free article

The act of copying someone’s text, content or article and publishing it with the own name is called plagiarism. It’s easy to find information almost for any article through the internet, but it’s not easy to add that information into an article without falling into the plagiarism. Avoiding plagiarism is easy with the help of some simple tricks. Follow some easy steps while writing your article to ensure that your content is free of plagiarism. In this article, we will tell you how to check plagiarism free article and to avoid plagiarism in your article.

Steps To Avoid Plagiarism

Following are the steps to avoid plagiarism:

Take Your Time

Plagiarism mostly happens with an intimidating deadline and when you need to get the next task finished quickly. Hence, the first step should be to make sure that you have plenty of time to the writing process. Make sure you have enough time for double checking and editing the content so that you don’t have anything left in there that you didn’t write yourself.

Keep Track Of Sources

If you use someone else information, mention it below. Better yet, provide a link to them while writing or place the link into the draft. That way you will stay aware of what’s your own written and what have been taken from other people.

Read more than one source

In most cases, the danger of plagiarism also shows up when you limit your research. If your article is completely based on single content, you easily run the danger of sticking to its original formatting, phrasing, and other identifiable features. So, do broad research and read or learn through as many sources as you can.

Use Quotes

If you simply want to lift the text exact from your resource materials, you should quote other peoples’ text on your blog post and provide a link to the online resource or the site you took it from.


In this case, the same goes if you plan to include a point or an original idea from the alternative source. Even if you’re expressing it in your words, make sure to place a link. This not only frees you from the plagiarism but it’s also a better option regarding SEO.


When spreading information that does need to be transferred to everyone (because it is collective knowledge), make sure to re-paraphrase or rewrite it. Must keep that in mind publishing the content in same language or phrasing will only get you punished for plagiarism.


Finally, probably it is the best way to confirm your article is plagiarism free is to check. That does not mean, just to edit your content until its unique completely, but also, run it through a plagiarism checkers mentioned in the list below. These checkers will compare your content to available web sources and will notify you whether your content is completely free from plagiarism or not.

How To Check Plagiarism Free Article With Following Tools

if you have are searching for, how to check plagiarism free article? Use following tools to re-check your content before publishing it. It may take few minutes but will save you from lots of headache concerning plagiarism.

1. Plagiarism Checker By Small SEO Tools

It is a free online plagiarism tool that will run your article or blog through Google and other search engines, phrase by phrase, and provide % score on its uniqueness. It takes some time to perform the check for longer content, but the sweep seems to be detailed. It can perform maximum of 1000 words per check

2. WorldEssays Plagiarism Checker

It is another free plagiarism checker. An unregistered visitor can sweep up to five times per month. It works very well and can successfully list all sources of the plagiarized content available in the article.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a paid tool which apparently runs your content through 8 billion websites. Grammarly plans start from $11.66/month on a yearly contract and can extend up to $29.95/month. It is mostly used by professionals who need to check a lot of text every day.

4. Copyscape

A plagiarism tool that will not only help you find a copied content on the web but their premium version also enable the user to check their work for originality and uniqueness.

5. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is also a free online content checker, with no maximum words/search. Unregistered users can only be able to search one time. Registered users can unlimited searches, and it is completely costless. This checker enables two options ‘Copy/Paste’ and online ‘File Uploader’.


Be sure to edit your article carefully and check for plagiarism before publishing. The steps above are essential for content writing. Using plagiarism checker services is a considerable way to assess your anti-plagiarism skills and paraphrasing.


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SEO Techniques That No More Work In The Year 2016

SEO Techniques That No More Work in the Year 2016

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) provides great help to improve traffic on websites by getting it to a top-rank placement in (SERP) Search Engine Results Page such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, and many others. Some of the strategists may say that SEO is dead, which is not true at all. As the matter of fact, SEO has died for the people who have failed to adapt to the dynamic rules. These rules change almost every month and increase the requirements of tools, knowledge, skills and patience. Below are the SEO techniques that no more work in the year 2016

SEO Techniques That No More Work in The Year 2016

SEO techniques that have worked great until yesterday might not work at all tomorrow. Indeed, with the growing rate of upgrades by Google it doesn’t matter if your website traffic graph was at the top yesterday, you may see it going down tomorrow.

It is important to keep in mind, that we should have a look at the following 7 SEO techniques that no more work in the year 2016. Indeed, they were the best methods five years back, but now they do nothing more than harming your site. They are:

Focusing On Quantity Of Links Over Quality

If you’re still using large numbers of links to boost your website’s ranking, it’s the time you should stop doing it and focus on the quality of links. Because it is more important to provide the quality links than stuffing loads of links. After all, Google has said that the websites can have as many links as they are in a reasonable amount.

Putting keywords in Meta description

Almost a decade back, it was a good technique to put keywords in the meta description, and it also used to get users’ results. But after 2009 (per Google’s new rules) the keywords are no longer used as an SEO ranking factor. But this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the metadata descriptions. You should provide the metadata descriptions by writing them with keeping the audience in mind so that they can understand what the website is about.

You should provide the metadata descriptions by writing them with keeping the audience in mind so that they can understand what the website is about.

Overdoing keywords – high keyword density

Many strategists may say that over stuffing the keywords in web content, meta descriptions, titles, etc. is useful, but nowadays this is not the case. While Google has not given any specification about keyword density over stuffing keywords in your web content and a large number of times that a keyword appears in metadata, webpage, descriptions, and titles, in particular, it can harm the SEO rankings of your site.

Duplicating content

Google has provided a detailed notice about the Duplication of the content regarding SEO. They agree with the idea of many websites that requires the duplicate content, but this only includes printer versions of web pages and the forums that provide the content aimed at saleable items and mobile devices that are linked via URLs. If the mentioned content is not your idea of duplicating a content for your web, then you will be charged for manipulating the search results.

If the mentioned content is not your idea of duplicating content for your web, then you will be charged for manipulating the search results.

Do Not Waste Time On Adding Images To Your Content

It is also one the SEO techniques that no more work in the year 2016. For a time being, it was acceptable to oversight the images and hope for a good ranking without using any alt text image. Eliminating the images on your articles or your sites will make you miss a tool which can be important. Search engines need to find any images on websites. Therefore, it is important to provide alt-text describing images for the Google to know what it returns.

A Better Ranking for More Traffic

It is a misconception that high ranking helps to attract more traffic to your site. Appearing on the top list is one thing, but attracting visitors is completely a different story. There are couple of reasons behind this misconception which states as:

  • Your content strategy is not appropriate.
  • Your meta descriptions are not attractive.

Provide More Pages to Get More Traffic

Some SEO experts may tell you to have more pages to get more traffic on your site. Likewise, link building, if content writing is done for the only purpose of filling the number of pages, it won’t work. It is important to focus more on the quality rather than quantity. Only good quality content can help you to increase your site ranking. But if your content is no good, all those pages you have created are just a waste of time.


These outdated practices were used to be productive years ago. In modern times, it is crucial for SEO strategists to understand and adapt the latest methods very quickly. The best techniques to go with SEO is to keep yourself updated with the modern trends and implement them to get results and leave those SEO techniques that no more work in the year 2016.

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