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Top 5 Blog Search Engines



The rapid growth of the internet and the massive adoption of social media has created new ways for individuals to express their opinions online.
Bloggers blog on many different topics, including their personal lives, product reviews, political opinions, technology trends, tourism experiences, sports events, and the entertainment industry.

Therefore most of the people are searching for good rich content that they usually find in blogs.
Readers find it more interesting to read these articles on these millions of blogs and definitely prefer their searches to be searched from these blogs.

Traditional web Search Engines sometimes miss these contents while searching written in these blogs. While Blog Search Engines search exclusively the required topics, from all the blogs out there.

Although there are dozens of Blog Search Engines indexing all the blogs, some are very inaccurate showing irrelevant results, some requires custom submission,and some don’t even show the search results at all.

But here I compiled a list of Top 5 Best Blog Search Engines that can really help you in searching content from blogs, with accuracy and perfection.

A Google-powered powered search engine searches fast and shows all possible articles containing search keyword(s) but do not fetch the required search effectively. Search of same keyword brings lot of results in other search engine while BlogSearchEngine drops most of them.

Good feature includes list of blog categories and top searched/rated blogs on home page.
If its results omits your blog in searching then you may have to manually submit your blog to BlogSearchEngine, but you have to show their link in your blog/blogroll in order to be indexed properly.


Made as a part of a research project of University of Toronto, helps in finding different topics from more than 35 Million tracked blogs.
Its searches and shows results faster and with more accuracy.

The best part is its mini preview window, which shows the actual article in the mini window when you place cursor on the links, without opening the entire blog.

On the side of the search page, its shows how many times the keyword has been searched before, in a preview window which they call “popularity curve”.
A Tour may help understand more about BlogScope. Blog Search


One of the most senior search engines, Ask’s Blog Search Engine has been searching millions of blogs articles since early 2006.

It also shows mini preview (like BlogScope), when you place your cursor over that little binocular icon below every search result.


You can subscribe to feeds of the search results.
Ask’s searches are often deep, so you don’t have to enter that advance search option.
You can arrange the search results by their popularity,date and relevance.

2.Icerocket Blog Search


IceRocket is a very impressive blog search engine, that not only provides searches from blogs but also from web,images,twitter and myspace.
It’s BigBuzz search option is fun to use, which shows results from all types of sites, including videos, news etc, all in one page.

Top searched keywords, Top Blogs, and submission of a blog to IceRocket, all is available on home page.

For Deep searching, IceRocket Advance Search can be really helpful.

1.Google Blog Search


The king of Search Engines, takes the top spot in blog content searching too.
Despite being beta for a long time Google Blog Search is not only accurate and lighting fast,but it shows the maximum number of search results.


It first matches the the searched keyword with blog titles and shows in top of the result page under Related Blog section.
Below that it shows all the blog posts containing the searched term.

You can also subscribe to feeds or create and email alerts of the search term, which sends you an email whenever the keyword search is updated in search database.You can even create a custom widget of the searched keyword(s) that you can embed in your blog.

If your blog is not showing in Search Results ,then you can tell Google about your blog.

If you are using Google toolbar, then you can speed up blog searching by adding Google Blog Search button to your toolbar, which will help you search right from your toolbar.


Thank you for your time reading this.

Note, I made this small list based on my own opinions and experience.
So,leave your comments and tell me how do you find it?

I would really appreciate if you spread it, and help others looking for quality Blog Search Engines.